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I walked down the sidewalk in a daze, tall buildings all around. It was winter but a warm cocoon surrounded me.

The man beside me slowed us to a stop. “I will give you some time to consider my offer” He said quietly “You can stay here and meet some of my people. Rest, there is no hurry.”

He turned us to the left opened a door and ushered me inside. A tall man came out of an inner door. “Sir?” he said.

The man beside me said “John, this lady will be staying with us for a time. Get whatever she requires and use your own judgement. She is not thinking clearly, she had quite a shock.”

“May I inquire as to the type of shock? The information will help me ensure she is as comfortable as possible during her stay.” John asked.

“Indeed” My companion said “She just witnessed the death of someone she must have cared deeply for. I heard a commotion in the lobby as I left the elevators in the office building. People were screaming and running away from the window overlooking the street. I could smell blood and red was splashed over the outside of the window. This lady was just standing there, shaking, her eyes wide. I inquired of her as to what had happened? She pointed at the window. ‘That was Ben.’ She said. ‘Ah, and you are?’ I then inquired. ‘Beth’ she said. Considering the circumstances, I felt she may need more, shall we say options, as to the direction her life would follow now.”

As my companion talked the warm cocoon started to slip away. I could remember seeing the window. It was a ghastly view. I started to keen.

“Now, now,” my companion murmured touching my arm lightly. “Let’s get you back warm and safe, shall we?” I nodded and the cocoon was warm around me again. “Beth, look at me for a moment.” I focused on his Hazel eyes. “You are invited to stay here for as long as you wish. Is this acceptable to you?” I nodded. “Good, John will see to whatever you need. You will be safe here. “

He looked away and I focused on the tall man. “John, this is Beth. She has talked to the authorities for now and they will contact me if needed. I will check back in a few days.” My companion smiled at me and I turned and watched as he walked back out the door. I turned back around.

“Beth” John said. “Welcome.”

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2154465