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A beloved toy gets a new life. 40 lines.
The Hobby Horse

Kathleen McNamara

They found me in the attic
when they were up here yesterday,
searching for tiny treasures
so carefully tucked away.

Unpacking all the baby clothes
brought his mother so much joy.
But her son was searching for the box,
for me, his favorite toy.

He found me in the old toy chest
along with a sword and crown.
But seeing me in my sorry state,
the young man began to frown.

His mother watched him remembering
of how much he loved to play
the mighty king upon his steed
and the dragons he did slay.

He picked up a few more treasures,
a shiny badge and vest.
Riding with a lasso
he was a sheriff in the wild west.

His mother asked to hold me.
She looked me over with such care.
I knew she’d work some magic
and I would be none the worse for wear.

“Your little girl will love him
just as you used to do.
With brand new boots and a cowgirl dress,
she’ll be a sheriff just like you.”

“I made another present
for your special little girl.
It’s a magical unicorn hobbyhorse
with pink and purple curls.”

“She’ll be a warrior princess,
wield your sword and wear your crown.
She’ll ride her magic unicorn
in a sparkly princess gown.”

The mother and son traded memories
of when he was a little boy.
But me, I was just so happy.
I’m no longer a forgotten toy.

(40 lines)
Originally submitted to both Poetic Traditions and Story Poem contest April 2018
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