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A trip through your phobia's

"Phobia, to fear or to be afraid. The psychotics with their strange irrational ruminations of the bizarre are an odd breed of souls. To be classified by your fear puts you in your own class of crazy. They have a room set aside just for those people. I fear nothing. Everything fears me. Fear erodes control. Control is a powerful weapon in life. Find the control to win the battle," Lester said as he gave his speech to the group.

Lester Higgins is a well known motivational speaker among the mental health facilities. He is paid exorbitant fees for his knowledge and work with phobia groups. He has traveled across the United States teaching people how to overcome their fears and take control of their lives. His methodology though at times controversial appears to work well in helping people move toward independence. Lester is a Psychiatrist with, as he likes to say, a capital PHD. He worked hard for his degree and wants everyone to appreciate his talent.

He had arrived at this particular facility just this morning. His lecture tour had him working with the groups for an entire week. The Phobia and Recovery Center of Flagstaff, Arizona is an exclusive residential treatment facility serving the wealthy. Clients check themselves into the posh suites when their phobias or addiction gets the better of them. Like a hotel with a swinging door, they check themselves out when they feel rejuvenated. Tennis courts, golf course, and arena-sized pool are among the many amenities offered in the country club setting. Lester was looking forward to his time here.

For the morning session, Lester had gathered ten residents for his talk. They were eager to hear his wisdom. He planned on spending an hour talking to the group and then another hour just listening to their phobias individually. Lester believed that if you created a profile of your phobia or personified the mania, that you had the power to control it.

"Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Lester Higgins. Welcome to a new life, a new you. We are going to be discussing your phobias in detail. Hold on to your seats, because the ride might get bumpy. I like to start our sessions with a group exercise to get us all motivated. First, everyone stand up and stretch to awaken the nerve endings in your toes. Good job there, Delores. Comm'n everyone, shiver and quake just like Delores. That will get the blood flowing."

Lester heard the man in the front row say, "Too early in the morning. I need my coffee first."

"By all means, let's get you some coffee. Do you take it with cream?" Lester answered as he poured a cup of steaming brew for the man.

"Now, let's resume our session. Picture yourself on a train headed to any destination you choose. Everybody have that picture in their head? The train is barreling down the track. It is moving so fast that you are afraid. Yes,afraid! .Feel that fear! Let that fear wash over you. Know that fear! Name that fear! Remember, you control the train. You are the driver of that train. The tracks keep you headed to the destination you desire."

"Delores, I think you need to pay more attention to your train, instead of the bagels," Lester chastised the woman

"Yes, sir" he heard her whisper.

He continued with his session, aggravated by the interruption. In his mind, he cursed the wealthy. He believed poor people were more focused. They were not provided with as many distractions. They, however, could not afford his fees.

"Now isn't that an exhilarating ride? Just think about it! You have the power to control the train, to control the places that your mind wanders. If you have that power, people with ophidiophobia can steer the train away from their snakes. Cynophobics can use the train to run over the dog that they fear. You have the power of control!"

"I'm afraid of big crowds. I can't go out in public. How does the train help me?" Lester heard the man in the back row yell out.

"This train of power takes you through the crowd! In this caboose you are the driver, my man," Lester became animated in the defense of his theory. He stood up in his excitement, weaving in and out of his fearful clients.

"I was once like you. Afraid of my own shadow. It had a name, Sciophobia. I took the train ride, just as you did. I renamed my phobia. It is now, Goawayphobia. I fear nothing. I refuse to be controlled. You should be like me. If every one of you would only listen, I could show you that your fears are counterproductive. You have tossed away your life because of your fear." Lester ranted as he raced around the room waving his knife.

"How dare you question my methods, little man! I travel the circuit helping people. I have my PHD with capital letters. Ride my train and I will help you with your fears. I will rid you of your fears .Your phobias will be gone when you ride my train."

"Unless you are a thantophobic, haha," a long sinister laugh followed as he danced among the bodies of his freshly disemboweled victims.

"I better hurry. I have a train to catch!" Lester said as he left the facility.

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