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Dogma is a curious thing.
Dogmatic law, or "Dogma" is a term used for a set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true, though most would know it as the name of a Kevin Smith movie.
The way the film portrays Dogma is by using it as a sort of paradox, i.e. if God is proven wrong, then the laws of the universe are broken and everything basically stops existing.
My use of the word is similar, in that I believe I was stopped from accomplishing my goal (as dumb as it may have been) by a greater power. That goal was to get a Reese's donut at Tim Horton's when I was five years old.
I'm not kidding.
That moment of my life stuck with me, because even though I went through all the normal steps of an average journey to get what I wanted, no matter how much I tried, I never got to eat that donut.
By the third time I was pushed away from my goal, it started feeling eery, in that it didn't feel normal to be pushed away from that goal. It was like the power that took that donut away from me was... well, Dogmatic law.
Another example of Dogma is a curse.
Any curse put on a person cannot be broken, and therefor it being broken results in the normal results of Dogmatic law, which is why in Stephen King's Thinner, Billy Halleck never manages to get rid of that hex and breaks it only once: when he's on the verge of death.
Dogma therefor helps me conclude that a curse cannot be broken, even by death, so it will always result in constant suffering and immortality. Immortality is a curse and a gift at the same time, an oxymoron, or in other words, a paradox, much like Dogmatic law. And if a paradox cannot be broken, does that make both Dogma and paradoxes the same thing, yet also completely different?
God I want that donut.
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