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by Vicki
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A bit of fun for the children...
‘Neigh’, says Mr Horse,
‘Where’s the nearest racing course?’

‘Ooh, ooh, aah aah,’ says Mr Monkey,
These banana splits are really funky.

‘Moooo’ says Mrs Cow,
‘Can someone come and milk me now?’

‘Snap snap’ says Mr Alligator,
‘I think I’d like to eat you later.’

‘Baa, baa’ says Mr Sheep,
‘Has anybody seen Bo Peep?’

‘Growl,’ says Mr Bear,
‘Have you any honey there?’

‘Hee-haw’ says Mr Donkey,
‘That mule there says my teeth are wonky!’

‘Screeeech’ says Mr Bat,
‘Do you like my new top hat?’

‘Squeak, squeak’ says Mrs Mouse,
‘There’s no more cheese left in my house.’

‘Kikikikiki’ says Mr Eagle,
‘I find my plumage is looking regal!’

‘Thump, thump, thump’ goes Mr Rabbit,
‘I’m sorry, it’s my annoying habit.’

‘Bleat,’ says Mrs Giraffe,
‘That hyena really makes me laugh.’

‘Oink oink oink’ says Mr Pig,
Would you like to see me dance a jig?

‘Roar’ says Mrs Lioness,
‘I hunt my prey with great finesse.’

‘Meow’ says Mrs Cat,
‘I’m busy chasing Mr Rat.’

‘Spit spit’ goes Mr Llama,
‘I say, what is all this drama?’

‘Squawk, squawk’ says Mrs Goose,
‘My goslings are all on the loose!’

‘Scream!’ says Mr Baboon,
‘I hope it will be tea-time soon.’

‘Ribbit, ribbit’ says Mr Frog,
‘It’s nice and damp inside this log.’

‘Gobble, gobble’ says Mrs Turkey,
‘This morning I feel really perky.’

‘Excuse me,’ says Mr Sloth, ‘you noisy rabble,
Could you please quieten down your babble?
You’re really making quite a din
And I’m trying to have a nice lie-in.’
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