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by Vicki
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A red squirrel spies a green acorn among the oak leaves...
A red squirrel spies a green acorn among the oak leaves
He hurries to hide it in his winter stash.

A big, brown bear claws a silvery, slithering salmon
From the churning waters of a mountain stream.

A jumping jack Russell dashes across the lawn in delight
And returns with his favourite chew toy between his teeth.

A buzzing bumble bee hovers above a fragrant flower
Dipping his belly in the dusty pollen as he drinks.

A hard-working ant hoists a breadcrumb three times his size above his head
And returns to the colony with his booty.

A beautiful butterfly alights in the buddleia and takes a fluttering pause
To sample its delicious nectar.

A swallow dips and dives, soaring and swooping
Then arcs under the eaves to deliver its catch to the chirping nest of open beaks.

A curious kitten taps a ball of white wool which unwinds
And chases it down, down, down the staircase to land with a bump at the bottom.

A string of fluffy yellow ducklings, waddle behind their mama to the edge of the pond
Then plop, plop, plop into the water between the lily pads.
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