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The Obama's constant slanderous lies about Conservatism must stop. Find truth...
Most pathetic excuse for a FLOTUS ever?..It is that tranny Michelle Obama, Yes, I said, "Tranny". Michelle (AKA "Michael") has the gall to say the public who support Trump are "irresponsible children who want to have fun now and not play by rules" Really? We saw what letting Socialist narcissist dictators like Obama make "rules" did for our economy, freedoms, and morale in general. How dare she? How dare we let her or anyone even suggest that and get away with it? The liberals are the ones who want to be irresponsible, sucking the financial teat of the hard-working Conservative party. It's time to dry up their milk source and zip up our nursing bras! No more free passes for Liberal/Fascist slackers! And we must push back and be heard...2020 is coming!

Whereas liberals see entitlements as the immediate response to economic injustice, many fail to realize that they alone can neither rebuild, nor sustain a middle class, they never could. . In fact, they can have the opposite effect in the long term and insulate their recipients from upward mobility, the "Uncle Sam's Plantation" module of government has proven to disastrous for the recipient and the providers(taxpayers) With almost 17 trillion in national debt, an aging population and an already-overburdened liberal entitlement system of healthcare,etc. The recently-approved, democrat-written Omnibus increased the national debt much higher.

The ideal liberal/Fascist social welfare state cannot prevail for long before it collapses under its own weight. It is both perverse and ironic, that the Liberal(AKA Fascist) party criticizes the framework of Conservatism, when that is exactly what is fueling the existence of he liberal programs. Liberals demonize the hard-earned wealth of Conservatives, and yet expect the very same persons to just hand over their rights to keep and maintain that wealth. Is i any wonder we despise the liberal party?

I believe it is their goal, for after they destroyed the wealth of the middle and upper class, and made tax revisions to put assets and wealth of the upper class in a government stranglehold, they will have created the serf class society that thy wanted all along, with them as the dictators, and we the people as the Serf puppets.

That is why they aide the illegal migration en masse, to further drain our resources. This is why we cannot allow them to let illegals and non-citizens to vote. They pay-off the jobless puppets to do their voting bidding, and that is what I would call the most heinous example of voter-rigging. And they accuse Trump of rigging the election? Nauseating. And just like when Michelle Obama's dress designer and fitter had to tuck back his/her man gear with duct tape to keep it from showing?, the social duct tape of lies,slander, blameshifting their failed policies will soon fall off, exposing their ugly truths. The dressmaker's tape failed by the way, we saw Michelle/Michaels' schlong "peeking" on more than one occasssion. It is the lying of it that is evil, it's one thing to be a tranny, to try and pretend you are a natural-born woman, while deceiving the public? That is called ,"fraud" and "lying'. It is just one example of the fraud they are pulling on the public, And I use the Michelle being a tranny example it because it is so visual as well as truthful.And Joan Rivers might just come back to yell,"I told you! But you didn't believe me!" Well Joan, I believe you, and so do millions of others. Truth will out...eventually, it always does,

2020 is coming...Get Busy!

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