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What's the reason behind the UFO Coverup?
The more I look into the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) phenomena, the more it takes on an oppressive shroud of secrecy. It's said that before tangible proof of UFOs will be admitted, one of two pieces of evidence must surface and be confirmed by scientific examination. Either physical evidence of a UFO or the body of an extraterrestrial must be produced. Thus, the coverup involves making sure that nobody outside the government ever comes up with either one. Never mind that the hardware and bodies have been reported by countless credible observers, for three quarters of a century, and seen by thousands..., these can be conveniently explained as swamp gas, thermal inversions, or the product of an overactive imagination. Never mind the cattle mutilations, abductions, and claims by credible insiders. Without a body or a space craft, the nation's number one secret remains safely in the hands of the intelligence agencies. Its time we quit letting the Deep State define the problem as UFO wreckage and dead ETs. The lengths and scope of the coverup is smoking gun enough.

A leading UFO research is Dr. Phillip Greer. Several years ago in Barcelona Spain, while giving a talk, he was approached and told that the body of a small creature had been found in the Atacama Desert in Bolivia. The body had been smuggled to Spain and sold as a curiosity. Dr Greer inspected the specimen and noted the anomalies. From the physical evidence it was determined...

It was a life form that had lived around a hundred years ago. Laying in the desert it was well preserved. It was the body of a young adolescent that had once walked upright. The calcium content in the bones showed the age to be about six years. It had ten ribs as opposed to 12 in a human child. The skull had four plates instead of two.

DNA samples were taken and given to a Dr. Nolan at Stanford University, one of the top facilities in the world . He was enthusiastic at first but then started dragging his feet claiming a need for more time. His initial findings showed that 90 percent of the DNA was common to Homo Sapiens. (Apes and humans share over a 95% commonality.)

Abruptly, after 5 years of foot dragging Dr. Nolan suddenly published his findings in a top peer review journal. The findings were that the human like creature was a deformed fetus. This was promptly released to the media.

Other experts in the field screamed "foul" and cited Nolan's findings as a "Scandal." Numerous flagrant inconsistencies in his findings were pointed out as well as flaws in the review process. Dr. Nolan left Stanford and was given a lucrative research grant by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

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