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by Sadie
Rated: E · Short Story · Death · #2154976
this is something very sad so if you read this I hope you can read this withought crying.

one day there was a little girl named Sophie and her older brother Zack. it was a sunny day when Sophie woke up when she got out of bed she put on her slippers and her robe and walked out of her room to the smell of fresh cooked pancakes, when she want into the kitchen she was surprised to see a cake on the table. then when she came fully into the room and sat down right in front of the cake because that was the only spot to sit and then out of the blue her family started to sing happy birthday to her then she remembered that it was her birthday. she smiled as her family finished singing and blew out the candles she looked up and said to her mom "thank you mommy" when her mom heard that she smiled and said "your welcome sweetheart". Sophie went to go find her bother Zack, she looked and looked but could not find him after searching the whole house she went back to the kitchen and asked her mom "where is Zack?" then her mom looked at her with a straight face and said "I thought he told you" when Sophie heard those words come out of her mouth Sophie got a very worried face "he didn't tell me anything" Sophie said to her mom. her mom looked at her after making the food for her birthday breakfast and said "he went to go to the store with your dad and then they are going to go get something to eat then come back home. Sophie went from happy to sad then without any warning she started to cry and ran to her room and closed the door, her mom tried to talk to her and Sophie got mad and yelled at her mom, so she left the room. a couple of hours latter Sophie heard he door open and heard Zack's voice saying "where is Sophie?" then she ran out of her room to go and him and when she got to where the voice was and was surprised, there was a huge raped present in the kitchen with her name on it and she asked "who is this for?" they all smiled and all together they said "FOR YOU!!!!!" Sophie ran to give her whole family a hig and say "thank you so much for everything" and then she looked at her mom and dad and asked "may I open my gift now?" her mom and dad shook there head yes. when she ripped the paper she found something she has wanted for ever it was a American girl doll and it looked just like her! then without even noticing she started to cry tears of joy. her parents thought she was crying because she did not like the gift and they said " do you want us to take it back?" when they heard her decline they new that they had bot the right thing for her birthday present. then Zack looked at her and asked "do you want to go outside and play catch?" Sophie was so happy that she hurried and went into her room and got ready. once she was done she grabbed the ball and her and Zack went outside to play ball and then all of the sudden the clouds came out and it started to rain Sophie got supper sad and started to cry Zack felt supper bad so he went inside with her sister and asked there parents if they could play catch in the house, there parents said it was ok but only in the basement. Sophie and Zack ran down stares and started to play in am empty room where there was nothing to hit. they played ball until they got called up to eat lunch Sophie ate lunch so quickly that she started to get sick, after she ate she felt so sick that she went to the bathroom in case she was going to puke. when she did puke it was blood she yelled for her mom and dad but they could not here her the only person who heard her was Zack. so he went running into the bathroom and saw the blood she needed to go to the ER so Zack picked her up and ran out of the bathroom and into the car. there parents where not paying any attention to them leaving. when they got to the ER the doctors took her back as fast as they could and took a lot of blood test and put her through a scanner and the results came back as... she had cancer, when the doctors told Zack that he looked at Sophie and whispered I'm sorry so nobody could here him. Zack looked back at the doctor and said "what am I going to say to her and my mom and dad?" the doctor looked at him with a sad face and said "tell them how I told you" when Zack was heading home she did not want to frighten her so she rather not tell her and eave it up to there parents to tell her. but on the way home he got so distracted and he got in a crash Zack got out of the crash with nothing but a hurt head and some cuts and burses he started to call Sophie's name but she did not respond he got back into the care to see if she was trapped but when he found her she had got cut in her heart and went all the way through her body, Zack started to cry and got out of the car and ran home to tell his parents what had happened when he got home it was almost dark they looked at each other his parents asked "where is your sister?" he broke out in tears just trying to say what happened but somehow it got out to there they could here it and this is what he said "she started to spit blood so I took her to the ER and they told me that she had cancer and on the way here someone hit me and I got out ok but sadly she did not make it she had glass go all the way through her body starting from the heart and all the way back" when his parents heard that they fell to the ground and started to cry and cry he told them that he tried to save her life but he couldn't which made them cry even more then what they al ready were and he also said I don't want to get in a car ever again or meat something that will remind me f her its already sad that all of this happened on her birthday" he went to his room and stayed there for the rest of the day and did not eat dinner or breakfast or lunch or dinner and he go sick from not eating so his parents got something down in him for food and they also told him that they got rid of the car and don't get another one and also told him that they put the doll in there room just I case that he wanted it in his room and he said he did and it sat in his room and every time he got sad he would talk to the doll and tell her how much he missed her and told her that she had cancer and that night that he had talked to the doll one last time before be. he fell asleep right next to the doll and passed away in his sleep and he was happy when he died because he died next to her and her doll and that made all the people who new them where sad and that was including there parents and the last words he said before he died was I love u little sis and I wish u where here with me right next to me so I can hug u one last time and kiss you on your forehead and say goodnight one last time and then said I love you one more time and fell asleep.
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