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by Joron
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Battle of the Tech Giants
The Clash Of The Titans: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 vs Apple iPad Air 2. Who Packs The Best Punching Power?
Have you imagined living in a futuristic world where real power can be possessed and harnessed at your fingertips? Many of us have witnessed controlling real power through your fingertips in science fiction movies. Well, it is no longer science fiction but the reality we found ourselves in today's world.
Anyway, set us set aside rhetoric for now, get down to real business as we compare Samsung's Galaxy Tabs 10.5 vs. Apple iPad Air 2. Who has the best cutting-edge technology between the two titans of the tech-world?
Times Tech reported that, in terms of design and built, Apple iPad Air 2 has a slight advantage over Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, as it is thinner and lighter than the Korean-made gadget. On the 'Display' category, Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 has a slight advantage over its archrival Apple iPad Air 2 because of its wider display and much better resolution. The Korean model features Super Amoled technology, making colors rich and deep.
Stuff has confirmed that in terms of design and built, Apple's new iPad version is slightly better than its Korean counterpart. The Apple's new iPad version is an amazing piece of engineering marvel while its Korean model , with its perforated plastic back, which can be acquired in a Titanium bronze or dazzling white version, is by far, the best-looking, the best-feeling tablet Samsung has produced.
However, in terms of display and camera tech enhancement, Stuff scores it even between the two titans. Nevertheless, in terms of Operating System (OS), would it still be equally stunning between the two high-tech gadgets? Apple's iPad is fitted with iOS 8.1 while Samsung's tablet operates through Android 4.4.2 With TouchWiz embedded into its system.
Now that we have satisfied with the tablets' design, display and camera, let us set our sights to its hardware, particularly its processor and data storage capabilities.
Although in terms of internal storage, both tablets are equally impressive, according to Gadgets NDTV, however, when it comes to RAM, expandable storage and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor Make 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor, the Samsung version is a much better version than the Apple brand.
After all is said and done, who has the edge? Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 has a slight advantage over the Apple iPad Air 2 as far as display, resolution, data storage and processor are concerned.

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