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by Joron
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Power-Hungry Clans
Third World Countries Suffer From Blatant Corruption In Government Perpetrated By Power-Hungry Political Clans
Political Clans, in almost all third world countries, are deliberately making the divide between the rich and the poor grow wider as the years passed. The underlying reasons why political clans flourish and control the political system of governance are largely due to unbridled avarice. Corruption in Government has always been the norms for many centuries since the colonial times.
Dictatorial regimes in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore have strengthened their iron-fist rule for centuries already. These authoritarian regimes want to perpetuate their grip on power and pass it to their kinfolks for more generations to come. These political clans employ bribery and give dole-outs and other privileges to the top ranking officials of the military to obtain their unflinching loyalty.
Since the monarchial fifteenth century up to the modern-day twentieth century, political dynasties have flourished and even evolved to totalitarian regimes. Ten of thousands of people have borne the brunt of the sufferings caused by these political dynasties from almost all regions in the world.
From President Suharto to President Ferdinand Marcos, Southeast Asia has seen the worst of times from the dictatorial powers of these absolute rulers. Theirs is a government not ruled by law but by the one-man rule governance. These dictatorial regimes had always the unquestioned backing of the top brass of their military. Their cruelty can be felt even beyond their borders, to the extent it can be felt overseas by expatriates being hunted down by vengeful political clans.
Their generals live in palatial homes and in their private island resorts while the members of the political clans had been basking in the lap of luxury. In stark contrast, majority of their populace lived in dire poverty. Those who hold the reins of power are accustomed to partying all night long while their citizenry, especially in rural areas, wallow in abject poverty.
Those who espouse the ideals of democracy have ended up in jail and languish in dungeons while their families outside are being persecuted. However, some idealists have succeeded in bring about real political changes. The Philippines' EDSA revolution is a classic example of people power democracy that brought about lasting change and its success reverberated across the globe. Through such a peaceful demonstration of Filipino people power, the authoritarian regime has fallen.
Democracy is no longer a far-fetched dream but a reality we can experience in broad daylight.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2155019-Corruption-in-governance