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by Joron
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Menacing Threat Gripping The World Stage
Three Most Menacing Threats Gripping The World Today

The world, as we know it, has been beset by violence, unprecedented sufferings, along with a host of other terrifying devastations. However, from time immemorial up to the present-time, horrific scenarios have plagued the nations of the world.
However, recently there are three most terrifying scenarios that stand out among the rest of the other destructive forces. First and foremost, the climate change menace which has caused untold sufferings and loss of countless lives the world over. Second, the threat posted by what is known as ISIS, the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
The ISIS threat seems to hold the world breathless as they stage merciless attacks on villages and towns, causing untold miseries and tortures, compounding the already unbearable hardships that people, under the dictatorial regimes in the Middle East, have been suffering from in decades, if not in the past centuries.
Thirdly, the most frightening of all threats, is what is known as the "EBOLA" threat. This most dreaded disease has already wreck havoc in terms of the senseless loss of human lives and severe afflictions. Despite the huge threats of these menacing risks, those in the helm of power, particularly the leaders of the developed world along with the United Nation leadership seems at a loss on the most effective response to stop these threats on their tracks.
World leaders, despite their unrivalled expertise, unparalleled leadership and far-reaching political clout have no effective solution in sight as of this writing. The intriguing question remains unanswered. In the face of these seemingly insurmountable dangers, their constituents have no choice but to ask an important probing question.
What options do our world leaders have, if they have any options at all, in order to combat these menacing, destructive forces? To confront 'the climate change menace,' what is needed is the collective political will of world leaders, particularly the leaders of the developed world known as the G-7 to galvanize unbending political support to deal with these destructive elements.
The ISIS threat can be dealt with effectively not only through fighting-fire-with-fire approach, through bullets and explosives, but most important of all, it is a battle to win the hearts and minds of the entire Islamic world.
How to make a face-off battle with the EBOLA threat is still debatable? However, it needs an immediate and effective response not only from the developed world but also from the developing world as well.

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