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Star Wars VII
Will The Star Wars 7 Trailer Awaken The Dormant Force?

Star Wars, the famed sci-fi movie series of epic proportions, has generated legions of fans worldwide. It has virtually created a sci-fi genre of its own after the extraordinary success of six trilogies, which includes three prequels and one theatrical release. Amassing a gross box-office fortune beyond the $ 4 billion-mark, the sci-fi flick has created a paradigm shift, among movie-goers, breaking sci-fi stereotypes by creating a cult-following of its own, thus in the process generating myriad of fan bases around the world.

On the average, the Star Wars movie saga has generated $ 1 billion per movie release, along with numerous Academy nominations and awards since its inception up to its latest trilogy episode. Indeed, the George Lucas-created sci-fi movie series are one of the few movie blockbusters that have carved out a distinctive niche of its own among movie buffs in all four corners of the globe. Its hundreds of millions of its adoring fans continue to patronize its cinematic/video releases repeatedly, including the video-game genre.

The Movies Hype has reported that industry experts unanimously agree to the buzz that the upcoming Star Wars movie has generated among movie buffs. Described by industry gurus as one of the highly-anticipated movie release in the modern age, Star Wars 7, particularly its trailer release, has animated the movie world enormously. Every nook and cranny of the movie industry is abuzz with the Star Wars excitement as the hype created by the media world reached fever pitch.

Imagine yourself viewing the teaser trailer of the upcoming Star Wars movie 17 times in a row while seated among a panel of gurus. The 88-second trailer will be followed by a 2-minute discussion among a distinguished panel of Star Wars experts, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Star Wars fan base are gung-ho about their wish list that the trailer is expected to meet, even just half-way across the cinematic line. The wish list is hoping to include the urgency of a story beat and interesting tale hook. Under the list, fans are expecting to see a new environment where battleship weapons are ready to explode in a riveting clash between the good and evil forces, added the Entertainment Weekly.

Time has disclosed that fans are wishing that the highly-anticipated trailer will raise the bar of excellence for outer-space action. In addition, Star Wars buffs are expecting that the teaser is neither too light nor too dark, but seasoned with humorous undertones.


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