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Rated: E · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2155180
In the a small town lived a young woman named Elsa.She lived in a filthy barn house with all her four-legged mates;cows,horses and pigs.Elsa never complained to her master,who used to voyage across seas and oceans,about the ill-treatment done by the lady of the house and her son.Elsa was adopted by Mr.Wilson when she was just a toddler,babbling and walking backwards.Mr.Wilson had brought her from a servant who used to take care of the baby girl since her parents had died during the Irish famine.Mrs.Wilson envied Elsa and was always upto something to ruin her life.But Elsa had an angel's heart and never held a grudge against her foster mother.The son was a drunkard and would come home every night,beat Elsa with a whip and then he would have a good night's sleep.Every midnight Elsa would stand on the garden grass,look up at the star-studded sky and tears would trickle down her cheeks.She would ask God that why didn't she deserve a good life.Elsa never desired for jewels,clothes or delicacies but love,unconditional love which would free her from the heavy shackles of evilness and despair.One night,she had a strange dream.Zeus was speaking to her.He gave her lily and a bloodstone. Elsa woke up early the next morning and found the two gifts beside the hay on which she used to lay her head down to sleep.Elsa took those two items and kept in her apron pocket so that Mrs.Wilson did not doubt her.Elsa went to the market to buy eggs and loaves of bread for the family.As she was heading towards a grocery shop,she brushed shoulders with an old,blind lady.Elsa,in a sweet tone,apologized and continued on her way.The blind lady called her back and asked about the bloodstone.Elsa was hesitant to reveal the secret but on further insistence,she told her about the dream.The lady listened to her patiently and gave a broad smile.'We have found the warrior princess'were the words of the blind woman and at that very moment,she disappeared into the thin air.Elsa got frightened out of her wits
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