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A possible secret of a magnitude to justify the UFO coverup.
The Deep Dark Secret
It has been widely reported that after the Roswell Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) crash, the Air force (AF) rushed to the scene and "yup" there was crash debris, a nearly intact UFO and most unbelievable of all a surviving Extra Biological Entity (EBE).

It has been widely reported that this EBE was able, using a capability in the downed UFO, to contact his superiors and arrange a meeting to recover the bodies and a follow on meeting to take two teams of AF personnel to an off world location. In exchange a high level EBE was left behind to answer questions.

Wether it did or did not, consider the nature of the questions such an Ambassador would have been asked? Put on your Commander in Chief's hat and pretend you are the President of the United States.

POTUS: Are you a threat to earth?

EBEA(ambassador): My race is not a threat to human kind.

POTUS: Are there other Alien races that are?

EBEA: Yes. The race who seeded this "Garden of Eden..." the planet you call earth... is potentially hostile.

POTUS: Explain the nature of these "Seeders?"

EBEA: You think of them as GODs but in truth they are ones who make seeds in a manner analogous to the way you make machines.

POTUS: What is it about Earth they might find threatening?

EBEA: When "Appleseed," let's call her that, planted the garden, she had a natural concern about weeds.

POTUS: What kind of "Weeds" are you referring to?"

EBEA: Perhaps "Refugees" like ourselves might qualify, however, more concerning to humans is the extent of your evolution.

POTUS: Explain?

EBEA: It's always a milestone when a seeded life form breaks the confinement of its petrie dish."

POTUS: Is that what the earth is... a "Petrie Dish?"

EBEA: Yes.

POTUS: More specifically how is "Breaking Confinement" defined?

EBEA: When an intelligent species breaks free from gravitational constraints, and threatens to spread to other planets and into the galaxy.

POTUS: How will Appleseed know this happened?

EBEA: She drops by from time to time... to inspect the fruits.

POTUS: Is this leading where I think it is?

EBEA: Appleseed will be returning to prune the orchard. It's been awhile since the last flood.

POTUS: Are you telling me that humanity should be concerned?

EBEA: If I were the human race, I'd be very concerned.

POTUS: Now there's a sobering thought.
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