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Written in 2016. I guess it would be considered a parable about a bird who meets a frog.
Once upon a time there was a beautiful lake that many animals lived in. Of these animals there was a frog. Now this frog was a very nice and sociable guy and one day he stumbled upon a little baby bird.
"Well, who are you little birdie? Are you lost?"
"No, I'm not lost. I was just tired of the old nest life and decided to go look for some friends," replied the little bird.
"Well aren't you just the adventurous type? Just come with me, I'll be your friend from now on"
And from then on it was frog and bird wherever they went you wouldn't see them separate.
A long time later, on their daily hop around the lake frog decided he would go for a swim. Bird couldn't swim well so usually he only waded in the shallow end. Today he watched as frog hopped into the water. It caught his attention more than usual for some reason. How much power was behind that jump! He was practically flying!
Now, you must remember that bird left the nest before he realized his flying capabilities. So this made bird a bit jealous that his friend could jump so high. What bugged him even more was the fact that frog didn't even use his abilities to the full extent. Bird hardly ever saw frog jump more than an inch or two at a time. Bird thought of all he would do if he could jump that high...why, he could jump the whole way back up to his old nest! He could hop up on something real high up and see for miles! Why, he could even just hop up and down just for the fun of it!
Thinking of all the possibilities inspired bird to be just like frog, but better.
He yelled over at frog,"Hey! How do you jump so high, frog?"
"I don't know, I never really thought about it," he yelled back across the water, "Why don't you try it? Who knows, you could be a natural hopper!"
So frog swam out of the water and signaled for bird to follow him. Frog, being the great navigator he was, found a big rock maybe 15 feet tall and they slowly climbed their way to the top.
"If you are going to learn to jump high, you have to make sure you can endure coming back down to earth," Frog explained.
"But look at my tiny weak legs! There's no way I can survive that!"
"Then I suppose you can never jump," Frog taunted.
"Now come on! Surely you can see how this is over the top. Can you even jump this high up?"
"Always strive to be better bird! Don't ever let another animal's shortcomings be yours as well! You are a grown bird! You will not get any stronger than you are right now! Just jump!"
Finally convinced, bird decided he would jump. He looked out over the edge and since he is less than a foot tall, the view was not pleasant. Nonetheless, he worked up the courage to do it. With one tiny hop he fell to what he perceived as his demise. He panicked and began to flap his wings frantically. To his amazement he stopped midair! In a lapse of intelligence bird stopped frantically flapping his wings for a moment and began falling once more but quickly recognized the concept. He flew back up to where frog was but frog was visibly not impressed.
"Well? Look at me! I'm jumping on air! I can go as high as I please and never even come back down if I do not wish to!"
Frog smiled at his longtime friend. He was proud, so proud because his friend was so proud. "But how do you know if you can withstand the fall? You never landed or touched the ground at all."
"Silly frog! I don't need to endure falls like you. The air is mine to bend to my likeness. I can see the whole world, much more than this lake. Why, I may never come down again! What's the need? Only if my wings get tired would I ever have to come back down. After all you said yourself not to let your shortcomings be my own!"
"I am very proud of you but this world is symmetrical in nature!" Frog began to yell loudly as bird flew higher and higher. "As one hits the ground, you can also hit the sky! Bird! Come dow--"
"Crazy old coot! What are you blabbering about!" Bird couldn't hear through the noise of his feathers rustling in the glorious wind.
Bird flew and flew for maybe hours.
Then with one thundering bang, down fell bird.
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