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Poem about my dad
Raindrops, how they remind me of the tears I’ve shed
Much like the memories I’ve locked up here inside my head
Storm clouds gathering in my eyes
When I think of all the lies he’s lied
My father, the ruler of my home
Makes us all feel so alone
Chasing off all our friends
Filling us with loneliness in the end
My daddy, though once kind and true
Was never actually the man I thought I knew.
He was a fake, a liar, a cheat
And always changed the criteria we must meet
It never mattered how hard I tried
It wasn’t enough, my energy fried
I kept fighting to make him see
That I’m never going to be what he wants of me
But that doesn’t matter, only this does:
His enemies might be hurting, but not like the people he loves.
He treats those closest like they’re a disease
Always biting, like pesky angry fleas
I gave up being perfect, it’s just a theory
I’m tired of always fighting and ending up weary.
Daddy, I’m sorry but I’m not going to play
I’ll never play this game, in all its destructive ways
Dad, I love you, that is forever
Though perfect, I’ll never be ever
So, please except me for who I am
Because of you, I can’t love myself ever again
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