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This is the first part (so, basically one-third of a chapter) of my story. Feedback?
"Welcome... Welcome," Over and over, the voice echoed, tapping lightly on Nora's soft ears, "Welcome."

It spoke again, this time, more vibrant, childish and loud, "Open your eyes!"

When Nora did so, a flame flickered in the corners of her clover eyes. Like the sun, but harsher, much harsher. Two short figures stepped closer, blocking the harsh flame from scolding Nora's skin and the yellow that had blocked her eye's canvas soon faded.

The smaller of the figures- a girl, maybe, had tiny, glossy, red horns that peaked from the roots of her inky hair. As pale as her skin was, it gave off a claret tint, yet, still allowed her onyx lips to stand out. Within her plum-sized hands, she clenched a peculiar-looking, red pitchfork, of which was far taller than her. The girl had a long, wire tail, a triangle shape propped at the top, like those at the end of her pitchfork. Two small red and black flaps, of which Nora could only assume were wings, clung to the girl's frail shoulders. Though, they looked too flimsy to even lift a mouse.

The other figure, most definitely a boy, had two very similar 'wings' though, they were covered in silky white feathers and he barely lifted them from his back. Above his also jet hair, a weird ring-like object floated. His skin, more paper-white than pale, yet, his eyes were the same shade of coal, soulless black. Unlike the girl, he did not have a tail and he did not hold any sort of pitchfork.

"We've been sent to show you around, come on! Get your stuff!" The girl snapped, though, her voice wasn't scary, it was high-pitched and made her sound very young.

Nora shuffled back, still forcing her eyes to adjust.

"Don't be stupid, Melody!" The boy snapped back, his voice had been the echoey one, "She doesn't have any stuff yet!"

"Wh-where am I?" Nora forced, making clear eye contact with the girl.

In disbelief, the girl looked left, and then right, "You're in hell, silly!"

Nora's eyes shrunk, then enlarged. Her arm flinched and her bare feet tapped on the tile floor, unconsciously, "Wh-what!?"

"Daku village, more specifically," the boy answered, allowing the 'suns' light to burn through his hair and into Nora's soft eyes, "Don't look so worried."

"Anyway!" Interrupted the girl, "Get up!"

Still shaking, Nora followed the hell girl's orders, rising from the cold tile floor she had been sat on. She kept her head down so that her deep chestnut hair covered her olive skin.

"What are you wearing?" The boy coughed, looking away as if someone had just vomited. Nora propped her head up a little, just so she could view the torn dress she was wearing. It was checkered- like a school dress, but tattered and covered in red, like it belonged in a horror movie.

"Geez!" The girl gasps, "How did you even die!?"

Nora flicked through her memories like a book, how did she die? She remembered the dark place she lived in and the friends she called sisters. Yet, death was just not there. She looked further, this time remembering her first and only Christmas and her favourite drawing. But nothing about death.

"I- I-" Nora stammered, still trying to relocate her memories, "I don't know."

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