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About loving someone enough to let him go.
Why is it that everything’s going on pretty well in your life and then everything just turns over? Everything changes. You don’t find the satisfaction and you remain restless. I am not talking about some emotional tragedy. I am talking about LOVE.I didn’t really have any sort of belief in this Love thing (though I did have a crush on a couple of cool frictional characters and celebrities). But this one person just changed my concept of love.
This person didn’t seem attractive at all when I first saw him. I didn’t even know him. And later when I had to interact with him was when I came to know that such a talented and sparky boy. Polite and humble. He used to win a lot in school and always got outstanding grades. I started idolizing him as a school senior seeing his skills and qualities. At first it was just idolism. But I never realized when it changed into love. I interacted with him at school and later on different social networking sites and he proved to be the person who was always ready to listen to your crap. He was always there to give the best advice and tips. He was ready to help anytime. He showed a lot of care and warmth in all of his words and actions. Never saw him talking bad about anyone. He comforted me whenever I felt down. I got so attached to him that I could share anything with him. I considered him the first person to share my problem with and he proved that he was the best support and help. He never displayed any immaturity even at that age. I couldn’t see anything wrong about him. He seemed so perfect. And that was when I realized that I had fallen in love with him. Madly in love. Deep love. True love.
I longed to tell him this. I wanted him to know what I thought of him, what I felt for him. But then being his best friend I knew that he was in love with someone else. He had talked about her with me at times. He had told me a several times that he truly loved her. But I guess that girl couldn’t see what I saw in him (she must be blind or something). Quite a self-obsessed girl she was. She thought that she deserved someone much better as compared to him. So she never really accepted his love or even least cared about it. But even then he loved her with all his heart. I felt sad when I saw that he was not getting what he was wishing for. I wished she had opened her heart to him. And I truly prayed that he gets the one he’s looking for. Because what mattered to me was that he stays happy and blessed…. No matter who he was with.
I decided never to tell him what I felt for him. Because knowing this all and then telling him my feelings would be kind of selfish. And in love, that’s not quite acceptable.
Love is all about being selfless and being more concerned about the other person. Love is all about making the other person happy. So it’s not actually necessary to express your love all the time. You could love someone truly without even letting them know. I used to be so childish and immature but that was when I realized that I had turned into a mature person now. And that I had actually fallen in love. Because I didn’t really care for myself. And all I wished for was that he stays happy and that he gets whatever he wants in his life. I had truly understood that you don’t always find what you look for. You don’t always get what you fight for. Things don’t always work out as you expect them to. And that is what life is all about. It’s full of mysteries.
He is still my best friend and I still love him. And I will always keep loving him. No matter who I meet and to whom I get married. He’ll always be my FIRST EVER TRUE LOVE!
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