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Utube Video of Serpo team debriefing film narration
In Appendix 13, page 281 of Kasten's book, Secret Journey to Planet Serpo, there is a link to a U-Tube video showing the Serpo Team's debriefing upon its return to Earth, approximately 13 years later. The video is titled "Film From the Box." I am including a link but, since it is short, will provide a written notation. Search the key words, "Film from the box tube." This is another piece of evidence that resonates with authenticity. I've printed the context below.

This U-tube video is significant because it documents the return of the astronauts. In the sequence ROSWELL, EBE1, CONTACT, EXCHANGE, RETURN... it provides a compelling piece of evidence. Any claim that it lacks official verification and therefore, authenticity, begs the questions.... "Why would anyone want to fake the video? This is not something the Deep State generally wants to make public. Hoaxes generally take one of two forms. Either somebody wanting to prove the extraterristerial case or someone trying to debunk a leak. In the first case why would a kook want to go to all the trouble to obfuscate or disinform the public that the contact ever took place? Forget that. In the second case, assuming this is an unsanctioned leak, where are the spooks?" Given the modus operandi of the intelligence community, I've not seen the usual push back. Instead they are uncharacteristically mute. Not only are they silent but the the link has stayed on the net for quite a while. One can only conclude that if it is still unchallenged and in the public domain, it must be true. If it is true it must qualify as a smoking gun.

"As the video begins, the title "Initial Introduction & Interview "PROJECT SERPO" appears followed by the Serpo Final Project Number. The opening sequence also displays the shield of the Air Force Special Operating Command. Under the emblem it says, "ABOVE TOP SECRET Majic Eyes Only. After these credits. the video shows an Air Force officer seated at a table and reading from a script. He appears to be a two star general. He has wings and decorations on his chest. His uniform appears to be dated around the late sixties.

The transcript is as follows: " Thank you all for your tremendous effort in carrying out this essential mission. Your findings will help combat the counter-democratic forces that are at work in the world today. And the technology you have returned with, and insight into the EBEs, is crucial to our ongoing effort. The fight to protect freedom and democracy has never been more important as it is today.

Communism is expanding, with nuclear threats from more and more nations. We are being visited by several groups of EBEs. Some are confirmed hostile against us. Others are confirmed benevolent. Project SERPO significantly improves our ability to understand the motivations of all the EBEs more clearly. As you know all of you did not return home. You endured extreme heat, time distortions, continual light and a lack of proper nourishment. You served your country and peaceful democratic civilization with courage and honor. You will continue to do so."

This first segment is then followed by a second part titled "Reassignment Briefing." Here is the transcript. "To complete the second phase of your mission you will be reassigned for debriefing. 102, 203, 235 and 308 to SR3, 700 and 754 to Walter Reed. 420 to Montauk; The ongoing existence of a peaceful democratic civilization depends on your ability to successfully transfer the insights that you have gained. We will all remain committed to this important work, and the secrecy that it requires."

If this is proof the Air Force astronauts RETURNED from the Serpo Mission, it goes without saying that they departed on it at some earlier point in time.... i.e. an EXCHANGE took place. If an EXCHANGE took place there must have been a point of CONTACT. Since EBE-1 facilitated the exchange using equipment from his downed craft, this validates the earlier link as to what happened at ROSWELL in 1947.

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