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Memory of a Plane trip to freedoms Land
"Wonder What I'll See"
It was a normal day full of hope and beauty
Sun shining without a spot of the clouds cruelty
Humming insects and the chirp of many birds
City life so slow it would've been mistaken for suburbs
Smiles and greetings from all who I saw
Street paved in gold, sidewalks without a flaw
Children running around carelessly as can be
That was the American I thought that I would see
When I arrived it was snowing and the wind was mean
There were angry looks from faces and sewer leads spitting steam
Almost no trees and stray animals running wild
Corners full of poison being sold to some ones child
Crying little babies from the neglect of being fed
Little kids playing in parking lots doing flips on a bum's bed
Sirens from cops, ambulances, and fire trucks screaming
I asked myself "is this a nightmare, I'm dreaming"?
Nope, not at all, this is America the land of the free
The place many people to, to here they flee
"Liberty & Justice for all" they say in their pledge
I feel like a fool that got pushed over the ledge
People of the Wild West still slinging guns
Mob and Mafias running drugs by the tons
Gangs of human beings brain washed with hate
Has the plane already left, can I go back or is it too late?
Wake up Papito, whispers my mom sweetly in my ear
The plane is descending and I could hear the landing gear
Wonder what I'll see........

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2155402