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Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2155416
Everything went black and my world changed forever.
I walked into a friend’s lab intending to share the findings of my research project. Almost two weeks had gone by since I last spoke with him. What I saw before me slowly sank into my distracted mind. People had been dissected, but they were still alive. In my shock I yelled at him. “How could you do this? Have you no soul?”

The reply made my hair stand on end “We only require the use of a human’s body and knowledge stored in the brain.” He said, “The soul who resided in this body is in a containment field.” He pointed to an orb floating in the far corner of the room. “Your visit is fortuitous. We have reached a place in our experiments that another is needed as a host to continue our research. Thank you for volunteering.”

I turned, starting to run but only made two steps before everything went black and my world changed forever.

I swam out of blackness. I was in a far corner of my lab but my line of site was lower as if I was sitting but I did not feel the chair I must be sitting on. I could not feel any physical sensations. It was as if my mind was… I tried touching my hands to my face but nothing happened. Somehow, I could see but I did not hear any of those usual background noises. When I looked around the room I could ‘see’ myself in the lab working but when I tried to concentrate on what I was doing, I lost awareness. Back into the blackness. When I again gained awareness, the being inhabiting my friend was standing in front of me. He bent down as if to look me in the eyes while I searched around the room to find my body.

he spoke but no sound reached me. He lifted his hands to either side of my head and I heard a soft pop. Then his voice. “Are you ‘hearing’ me now?” Surprise washed over me. “Good.” He continued. “It will take time for you to adapt to your current state of being, do not focus on your body and you will retain your awareness. Our research is progressing and when we finish, we will return you to your body.”

I did not believe him. I thought of what I had seen in that lab. Why would it be important to these beings that I believe I would be returned to my body? What did they gain?

He spoke again “I am referred to as Zar. If you ‘speak’ to me I will hear you. The being utilizing your body is referred to as Wilgard.”

“How?” I ‘asked’

“The containment field collects thought emissions bringing outside thoughts into you that you process as ‘hearing ’. In reverse when you ‘speak’ those thoughts are sent out in the way we normally communicate. Telepathy is how humans refer to it. A crude explanation but sufficient.

Wilgard walked into the room and my attention focused on my body.

“No” Zar hissed “Do not focus on your body!” But it was too late. Blackness again.

When I returned to awareness Wilgard was alone in my lab. I kept my attention off of my body and concentrated on finding out how much time has passed. I could see the date/time at the bottom corner of a computer monitor. 4 days according to the date.

A stranger came into the lab.

“You will return me to my clan now as agreed?” Wilgard said to him. “I have collected all the information in this data base on Zar’s activities and I have released the virus you gave me to purge the system as you requested.”

“Of course, if we didn’t keep our word your clan wouldn’t have contracted with us to achieve your return after you had been taken. My team is cleansing the area. Prepare yourself to depart.”

Wilgard sat at my desk, crossed my arms on the desk and lowered my head till it laid on my arms. The stranger pulled a glowing object out of nowhere that I could see and placed it on the back of my head. “Safe journey home Wilgard.” He said. A glow surrounded my body then dissipated. He then looked at me. “Ah, you are aware. Not many we find are. Shall we get you back where you belong?”

“yes, please.” I said, and he smiled.

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