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A brief encounter between a cafe server and a customer. Entry for Daily Flash Fiction.
Stephanie was wiping a spill off the counter as the man entered the café. His dark features immediately caught her attention, and she had to stifle her attraction. Remain professional, she reminded herself. The man approached the counter and reviewed the menu board that hung above.

“Good morning,” Stephanie said, which elicited a simple smile from the man. What a cutie, she thought then mentally kicked herself in the rear. Get it together, girl!

“Uh, I’ll just have a coffee,” said the man with a slight accent.

“Sure thing,” she said and turned around to grab a mug from the back counter. “Oh, I assume you’d want this for here?”

“Actually, to-go," he said. "Please.”

“Aww, you sure?” Stephanie asked, a tiny lilt to her voice. Might as well flirt now that he won’t be here long, she thought.

“To go, please,” the man repeated.

My persuasion skills are off today, Stephanie thought. “Of course.”

“Can I, uh, use your restroom?”

“Sure,” Stephanie said, handing him a key that was attached to a wooden ladle. She noted the man’s backpack as he headed toward the restroom. “I like the pattern on your backpack.”

The man turned around. “What about my backpack?”

“Camouflage,” she said. “It’s very 'in' right now.”

“Oh, thanks,” the man said, then disappeared behind the restroom door. Stephanie poured the café’s signature roast in a to-go mug and put on a lid. After a few minutes the man emerged from the restroom and walked to the center of the café. Stephanie was puzzled with this behavior and noticed his backpack was missing.

Something is wrong here, she thought. “Excuse me,” she said. “Did you leave your backpack in the—”

It would be Stephanie’s final observation before the man yelled something foreign to her ears and detonated himself.

Entry for "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge"   by Arakun the Twisted Raccoon prompt for 2018-04-15
Prompt: Write a story that includes the line: “Something is wrong here.”
Word Count: 300
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