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Discussing the u-tube video "Mars Base Discovered next to Curiosity Rover."
Yesterday I found a link to a U-Tube video entitled Mars Base Discovered next to Curiosity Rover. It was a remarkable image, clear as an aerial photograph taken by a low level flying aircraft. The image showed with remarkable clarity what was alleged to be a high resolution photograph taken of an anomaly on the surface of Mars. The anomaly did not look particularly anomalous but rather like an industrial park or even a shopping center complex located on earth. On one end was a very large grid of solar panels and on the other was a large microwave dish. To the left was what looked like a bank of power company transformers. In the middle were several large buildings with numerous large heater/air conditioners located on a flat roof. The facility looked to be 1/2 mile long and about 1/4 mile wide. Everything was tied together by telephone/power cables. Two of the buildings were joined by what appeared to be an enclosed walkway. One maintenance building had a peaked roof which seemed strange as it doesn't rain on Mars. While there were signs of dirt maintenance trails and access roads, there was no evidence of roads leading off grid into ancillary facilities or into the surrounding terrain. The complex had the look of being newly constructed, however, there was no evidence of human or vehicle traffic outdoors. On the contrary the facility to all appearances looked sterile and unoccupied.

The narrator of the video was quite excited claiming a "Smoking Gun" had been found and while the google earth high resolution image was convincing I wanted to see what "other viewers" were saying in the comments. Ninety percent claimed it was a hoax; that it was an April fools joke perpetrated by some jokester employees using an aerial photograph of a facility on earth and photoshopped into the Martin landscape. As I read all this I wondered...

If this a hoax who was the hoaxer? I think we can eliminate the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). If such a revelation is real it would be their worst nightmare... that one of their employees charged with air brushing incoming telemetry had messed up and allowed this imagery to slip through the cracks. So one can understand why they might want to cover up the mistake but certainly not hoax unnecessary attention to activities on Mars, they are loath to draw attention to. The intelligence agencies, custodians of Deep State secrets would certainly not be party to the hoax. There job is to debunk hoaxes and spread misinformation to discredit leakers and events that claim a narrative other than the one the official line purports to be true. If the hoaxer is an individual, an egocentric clown getting a high by pulling the wool over the eyes of others then he/she must be an enormously talented comedic force. To create this video imagery with the sophistication shown and google map the context is a truly remarkable accomplishment. I find it hard to believe that a single missguided person could pull it off without collaborative support. So, if it is a hoax, the hoaxer needed a highly talented support group. The only way I can envision this possible, is a group of technologically sophisticated individuals in opposition to NASA's unending secrecy, denial and coverup took action to embarrass the Deep State by focusing public attention on a bogus video. This is nothing to joke about. Its one thing to challenge a truth and quite another to manufacture a lie.

It turns out this was a hoax. The building complex shown in the Mars U-tube video is part of the corporate empire of Google. I'm sure I was not the only one who might have been taken in, and make no apology for believing a person or entity until they betray my special trust and confidence. I will never again believe anything I see on Google Mars.
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