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by K. Ray
Rated: E · Chapter · Mystery · #2155586
Lost Wallet, Lost friend
Scene 2 - Lost Wallet Lost Friend

Somewhere between winning two-hundred dollars at a blackjack table near the entrance of the MGM Grand and feeding the last of her profit to a Lucky Cat slot machine near the bowling alley in the back corner of the same casino, Madison Jacobson lost her wallet. It had disappeared from the six inches of seat space between her rear-end and the backrest of her wheelchair's seat. Reversing her steps, on the way back to the blackjack table, she scanned the tile floor, hoping it would appear. At 3'8" tall, sitting down in a wheelchair two-feet off the ground gave her a considerable boost to her standing height, but the average person roaming the casino towered over her, even sitting on what Tay called The Red Throne. However, she hoped this vantage point would for once work in her favor. If nobody had found the wallet already, and assuming she'd dropped it, seeing things at ground-level would come in handy. As she came upon the blackjack table where earlier she sat, a renewed sense of panic crept up on and overwhelmed her rational reason to hope. Furthering the panic, adding a double-shot of adrenaline to her overwhelmed nerves, was the sight of the table. The third chair, the one she'd sat in, was occupied now by one of the giants, and the 2nd chair where Taylor had said--had promised!--that she'd be at, was empty. She'd just lost her best friend.
Somewhere between winning two-hundred          dollars at a blackjack table near the entrance of the MGM Grand and          feeding the last of her profit into a Lucky Cat slot machine near          the bar, Madison lost her wallet. She noticed it missing when she          went to pay for the shot of Jager she'd ordered. The wallet          usually sat on six-inches of pleather between where her ass ended          and the backrest of the wheelchair-seat began. At the bar, when          she'd reached behind her back to grab it, it wasn't there. She          propelled the joystick in her right hand forward and the chair          responded. She raced through the casino, scanning the floor as she          made her way back to the Lucky Cat. At the BJ-table, she remembered          putting the chip she'd won into her wallet and then at the Lucky          Cat she pulled cash from the wallet for the machine. She retraced          the path from the bar to the machine--a short distance--several          times, but found nothing. Resignedly, she made her way back to the          BJ tables. The empty 3rd seat at the table she'd been          playing at sent fresh waves of adrenaline through her body--on top          of everything, she'd now lost her best friend.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2155586