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by K. Ray
Rated: E · Chapter · Mystery · #2155588
Asking parents for cash

"No problem. I'm just going to call Mom and have her send us some money. There's gotta be a Western Union around here somewhere."
"Okay, cuz we're kinda screwed if she doesn't."
Barbara had a killer Pinochle hand. A thousand aces backed by kings galore. When the phone rang, she had bid the meld up to 101 to let her partner know the score. Sam passed, Laura passed, and X passed. She looked at the caller ID and groaned. "Hold on, guys. It's Taylor."
"Hello, darling. How's Vegas? Did Madison enjoy herself?"
"Yes, Mom. We had a great time. But, um, Maddie lost her wallet. Can you send us money? Not a lot, just enough for gas to get home."
Barbara palmed the receiver, "They need money."
A chorus of voices: "How much? Must have had a really good time. Didn't they say they could handle themselves?"
"Didn't I tell you to tuck an emergency hundred in your suitcase? What happened to that?"
"This trip was supposed to be my treat. I spent it on drinks and stuff. We're totally out of money, Mom."
"Honey, I love you, but I'm hanging up now. You'll figure something out. If you are really stuck, call me in the morning and I might reconsider."
"Mom!" Barbara hung up the phone. "Well, Laura, how long before Mad calls you for money?"
"About five minutes."
"Nah, give her ten to work up the courage to call. She's gotta lot of pride, that one."
It was fifteen minutes later that the phone rang. Madison had called all her brothers first, hoping that she wouldn't have to make the call to Mom.
"Hi! How was Vegas?"
"I lost my wallet, Mom. Can you send us some money? We don't have enough gas to make it all the way back home."
"Nope. Not gonna happen. There's a pawnshop in Vegas called 'Guns Plus Pawn'. It's your uncle's shop. Your dad's brother. Ask for Josiah and tell him you're my daughter. It's on the north side, two blocks past the strip." The last Laura knew, Aaron was in Maryland so she feels safe recommending Josiah's shop.
"Can't you just send us some money?"
"You girls said you were going to be responsible. I told you I'd be worried sick if you went to Vegas, but you decided to go anyway, and now look: you're out of money and calling me for help. I want you girls to figure this out on your own. If you are really stuck, call me in the morning and I might reconsider."
Madison figured out quickly that their moms were together, and that neither would budge. She hung up the phone and told Taylor the bad news.

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