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by K. Ray
Rated: E · Chapter · Mystery · #2155590
Vegas pawnshop and tattoos
***** Scene 7 - Pawnshop & Tattoos

After seeing Madison and Taylor wander into his brother's Las Vegas pawnshop in August of 2010, Aaron believes that Adonai is offering him a second chance. He knows in his heart that he is looking at his daughter, but nevertheless, to be sure, he strikes up a conversation.
"You have OI, right?" He says.
She is surprised at finding someone who can recognize the condition by sight, but knows it's possible.
He continues: "I used to know a girl with OI."
After the conversation dies down, he says, "My name is Aaron. What's yours?"
"Madison," she says.
Hearing her name nearly brings tears to his eyes. "Nice to meet you, Madison. Do you live around here?"
"No, we're visiting and, well, it's a long story but we need money."
"Sure thing. Do you have ID?" He needed an ID by law, but an added benefit was that he could glean an address from it for personal use as well.
"No, I lost my wallet. Taylor has one though." He gleans the address of Taylor from her driver's license. He learns she lives in St. George. Taylor sells a ring her ex-boyfriend (Allan Mellon) gave her. Aaron gives her a good amount.
Taylor's eyes widen at the sight of the hundred-dollar bills on the counter. "I didn't think the ring was worth this much! We should go get tattoos, Madison, to commemorate your 21st birthday."
"Happy birthday!" Aaron said. Aaron had realized it was Madison's birthday earlier and had kept himself from saying "Happy Birthday" when he wasn't supposed to know, but now he expresses it safely. Gambling a bit, he says, "You don't want to put something permanent on your body on an impulse."
Taylor glares at him and says, "Come on, Madison. Let's go."
Madison politely says goodbye and they leave before he can think of how to keep them (her) inside for at least a little longer.
Stacy and Madison are at a tattoo shop looking through design books. They discuss design patterns and Madison hesitates, saying "Maybe Aaron had a point."
Stacy argues and pressures her. Stacy has chosen a Wiccan pentagram to be placed on her ankle. Finally, Madison chooses a Panda bear with a colorful party hat on his head. Stacy approves.
After signing the required waiver, excusing Artistic Lyons from liability in case of buyer's remorse and other conditions outlined on the form, Oscar took them single-file into the back rooms where tattooing took place. He was a burly white man with a long goatee tied into a V by a column of rubber bands. He reminded Stacy of a wrestler she'd seen on Tv, but couldn't recall which one.
The front entry room was sparsely furnished. Four interlocking chairs lined the left wall. A round table sat in the middle of the room. Magazines featuring tattoo art were loosely stacked in two piles on the table. A discarded mag occupied the seat in the back corner. The others were empty.
In contrast, the back room was densely packed with furniture and people. It reminded Madison of the inner-workings of a pocket-watch. The men and women moved in practiced rhythm, working together to keep customers moving in and out, and satisfied in both directions.
Oscar led them to separate booths. He introduced the skinny Latino woman in the first booth as Gabrielle. Stacy's tat would be done by her. He then led Madison to an empty booth and sat down on a barstool-style rolling chair, facing her. (Describe)
"Do you like the pandy in the catalog as-is or do you want to personalize it in some way?"
A tattoo virgin, Madison said, "Like how?"
"Just a second," Oscar said. He grabbed a sketchpad and free-handed an example for her to look at. In this new design, the panda no longer had a party hat. Instead, it sported an LA Dodgers cap. It was also drawn in a more realistic style, less cartoon-like.

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