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A poem about a sad girl trying to make her way in the world
Depressed, stressed
Yeah, she's a fucking mess
The melancholy girl
Can't see anything outside her world
She has massive anxiety
Which probably
Is why she
So alone and fucked up
Scared to open up
To anyone who tries to befriend her
She doesn't feel safe or secure
Around many people, so it causes her problems to be able to trust
Even with inside herself
But she must
Push herself
To be able to go on
To be strong
Even when she feels everything is wrong

Melancholy girl
She can't get up
She doesn't want to face the world
Melancholy girl
She so sad, she so lonely
You can't see behind that smile that it's screaming somebody please understand, (get to know me)

This girl even though she's melancholy
She doesn't give up on trying to be
Taking things on
As they are, as they come
But some
Thinks she needs to stop being so damn helpless
But this
Is not what she is
But yes she's introspective
And also, an introvert
And she's very alert
Of what is going on around her
And it hurts
When people insinuate and assume things about her
So for sure
She gives them a fuck you attitude
Go ahead she says "imply that I'm sensitive, a rageaholic, and rude"

Melancholy girl
She steps outside her world
To see
Melancholy girl
On a mission to make others understand and believe

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