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Rated: E · Poetry · Philosophy · #2155728
The nature of living a digital life
What would mechanical eyes see?
Will the winds wear the color of their speed?

Will we run along invisible lines,
trying to download what we can't buy
and will we will our wonder away
by checking a terms accepted box?

Can a human heart be so easily contained
that 140 characters have it covered?
One shrugged off thought after another.

They fall across the page
a two dimensional snow storm
just as flat, as cold
as the knee jerk judgements we make.

Our soap boxes give us no step up
but we can judge while wearing a bathrobe
and with the smug surety our cookies have been cleared.

We can replace our conscience
with electric hands and mechanical eyes
but these wire bound birds, they cannot fly.

(Original: 10-30-14)
(Second Draft: 08-07-15)
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