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by hamcon
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #2155754
A man changes into an anthro cat when he gets doused and goes into a yoga class. (TF/TG)
John was walking through his new hometown of Dawnton. He was of caucasian descent with blue eyes, blonde hair, was an average build and was 21 years old. He stood at 5’11 and was wearing a thick red jacket, with a white t-shirt underneath. His legs were getting numb from the cold as his blue jeans provided no protection from the -33 wind chill. His black shoes filling up with snow as he was walking ankle deep in snow.

Any person or anthro that looked at John and recognize him as the outcast from his previous home, Rupertville. Rupertville was said to be the opposite of the hated Great Plains, as instead of the anthro’s being rich while the humans were treated as third class, in Rupertville, the humans were rich, and the anthros were treated as third class. John happened to belong to one of the families, or at least, he used to.

2 years ago, his family maid went into his room and found porn magazines, but not human porn, it was anthro porn. When the maid told his parents, they were outraged about their son being a “Furry Lover” and kicked him out. Thankfully he had enough money in his bank to find a new place to live and get a job as a cashier in one of the stores. Being from the family, news spread about him being kicked out, but the why was kept secret as his family did not want their name ruined.

Now John was living by himself in an apartment, paying rent and either getting his porn online, or mailed in through a fake name. Although he was sure that one of the people delivering it knew who was ordering it.

Because of snow building up from the snowfall, he took another path instead, which lead him to a building in a strip mall, where he could see a bunch of anthro women doing yoga. He stopped in his tracks as he looked in through the window, he could feel himself getting aroused as he saw them in their tight clothes. Their asses perfectly shown through the back of the yoga pants, and cleavage showing.

Unfortunately, he should have been paying attention as a car hit a pothole, and through the passenger side, a bottle of some liquid came soaring out and hit him, the open bottle pouring the contents on John, drenching him.

Back at the car, an anthro wolf was cursing at himself, while the anthro coyote was staring at his empty hands in horror.

“Damn it, who knows what damage that did to my car!” the wolf snarled.

“I think we got something worse here,” the coyote said, shaking in his seat.
“Oh yeah, and what's that?” The wolf asked, turning to his friend, and noticed the empty hands. “Where did the liquid go?”

“It went through the open window,”

The wolf stopped the car in it’s track and looked at his partner with horror, “It got out!?”

“Yes, it did!”

The two began to panic as the realization hit them hard.

“What do we do, the liquid dust was suppose to go to our boss!”

“I don’t know!”

The two bashed their heads on the dashboard, the wolf causing a honk since he was hitting the wheel. “We are so fucked,”

Back with John he was now freezing even more from the sudden introduction of the liquid. He turned back to the window to see one of the anthros go towards the door and opened it, he saw that it was a collie girl, she mentioned her hands in a “come in” motion and John went inside, still feeling cold, but was getting warmer, but not dryer.

“Are you okay sir?” she asked, John smiled at how nice she was and answered “Yeah, some asshole just through his pop at me,”

“That is good, you can wash up in the washroom, it is just down the hall,”

“Thank you,” John walked to the washroom and opened up the door, taking off his jacket to let it dry and washed himself up, yet as he was washing up, he began to feel even more aroused, his penis tenting his jeans.

“Damn, I never felt like this before, I really need to relieve myself,” John said, he went into the stall and locked the door. He pulled down his pants and boxers to see his erection. He sat down on the toilet and with a smile that showed his now sharper teeth, he grabbed his dick, and begun to move his hand up and down his length.

“Nngh, I had no idea I was this pent up,” John panted, his spine was extending through the tail-bone, growing 3 feet and became covered in black fur, it twitched around as he got more into the masterbation, now feeling like it was the first time he has ever done it. His face was pushing out as his nose and upper jaw fused and became a short muzzle, his nose turned black and triangular as his face became covered in black fur. His eyes turning yellow and his pupils became slits.

He realized that the girls outside would become curious if he stayed in there for too long, so he imagined them in their yoga clothes, their fat butts stretching the back of the pants. His stroking became much faster at that thought, but his butt inflated, causing him to lift off the toilet and feeling more plush on the cold seat, soon it was big even to match the biggest ass he saw in the class.

John felt that his nipples were sensitive and put his other hand through the bottom of the shirt to rub it, this caused fat to build up under both nipples and build up. Each breath caused his his chest to expand even more, soon looking like it was an A-cup breasts, this caused him to begin groping himself as they inflated into B’s. His shirt was shrinking and was changing from cotton to nylon, but still kept it’s white colour.

The fur on him expanded down his neck, crushing his Adam’s Apple and raising his voice to almost soprano levels. His hands gained black fur as his nails became sharp claws that could extend and black pads grew from his palms, the pads added extra friction, making his groans turn into moans as he continued stroking his length, not noticing that he was having less and less to stroke.

The fur continued up his arms as hands became delicate and his arms slimmed, yet a noticeable bicep was grew from his arm and he felt somewhat stronger, the fur reached his shoulders, where they came downwards with an audible crack that John ignored. The fur was now going down his chest, his new breasts now C-cups and his shirt looking like a large bra, he let put a high pitched mew as the breasts grew one last time into D-cups and his shirt was now a white sports bra, yet he continued to grope his new melons as they were sensitive on his changing body.

Down on his legs his feet went through the same changes, the got smaller and black fur grew on them. Nails became claws and his feet gained black pads. His shoes were changing, the soles getting thicker as the colour of them went from black, to grey, and finally to white, a red “Nike” logo appeared on the side of his shoes as his socks grew longer.

The black fur continued up his legs as his calves hardened from new muscles, yet they became thinner as well. His thighs thickened from both muscle and fat as the fur was nearing his crotch. Meanwhile the fur on his upper body went down, waist caved in as his stomach shrank and toned, a six pack growing on his stomach as the fur went around the crotch and covered his ass. When the fur went on the hips, a click could be heard as they widened, soon the only place that was left untouched was the crotch, the hair, and his pants/boxers.

His hair exploded out into a wave from ebony hair that reached his back and his pants became tighter as they went from denim, to polyester, now yoga pants, meanwhile his boxers turned white and shrank into a thong.

John was moaning as his dick continued to shrink, his balls got smaller and the fur was enclosing on his dick. One of his testicles went into his body and became an ovary, flowing estrogen throughout the body as John’s thought went from anthro woman to human woman. Shi getting so close as shi pinched the tip of her penis, soon it was a measly 3 inches long erection. The other testicle followed suite and went into the body became the second ovary, more estrogen flowing through hir body as the image switched to an anthro man.

John was panting, shi could feel it getting so much closer. Shi was now pushing the dick into hir body, as if shi knew that would help the process. The man in hir head lose their fur and tails as hir dick went in completely, now she was rubbing her clit with two fingers as the anthro was now a human, and that is when the dam broke. She yowled as her fingers got covered in the female juices, her orgasm seemingly lasting through an eternity when in reality it was just 5 seconds.

When it was finished, Joanne flopped her head back, panting and purring from the release.

“It has never felt that good before,” she said to herself, still panting. When she was done, she got up and brought her pants and thong up, the yoga pants showing off her ass and the outline of her thong. She grabbed the green tank-top that used to be John’s jacket and put it on. It showed her midriff and her cleavage, which she liked. Joanne went out of the stall and washed her hands, she also sprayed some perfume on herself to make sure that no one else would notice that she smelled like sex.

When she got out, she saw the rest of the group waiting impatiently.

“What took you so long?” The Husky, Amber asked, crossing her arms and staring at Joanne.

“Sorry, but I tripped and fell quite hard, but I do feel better now,” Joanne lied, she didn’t want the others to know that she has been doing it in the washroom for months now, it never took her this long to finish, yet she was glad.

“Oh, sorry, but we need to get back to our routine,” Amber said, leading them all back to the mats. From Joannes cleavage, she took out a headband and tied her hair into a ponytail, She had forgotten her purse so that was the only place she could keep. She went on one of the matts and did the routine with the rest of the group.

She heard a “psst” and turned to see that her friend, a mouse named Betty, was looking at her.

“What is it Betty?” Joanne asked, still doing the routine.

“My brother is coming over, and he is bring his Lion friend with him, I was hoping I could introduce him to you,” Betty asked, this caused the black cat to roll her eyes.

“Thanks Betty, but you know that I have a thing for humans,”

“I honestly don’t know why you like humans so much, what makes them so interesting?”

“Because Betty, only a human…” Joanne started to saw, she bent her legs backwards as she was able to bring her foot over her shoulder, unlike the rest who was having trouble, “could truly appreciate this flexibility.”

Soon the months passed and Joanne continued going to her Yoga class, she was soon able to find a human who wanted to date her, and they two hit it off quite well. Her boyfriend was a college football player by the name of Henry Jones, and it was revealed on facebook that he loved anthro woman. At first they made fun of him, until Joanne came and asked for a date, than all the other guys could do was stare as possibly the hottest cat they ever laid their eyes on, went on a date with Henry. Soon he was asked questions, but he kept it a secret, besides, he didn’t want their girlfriends to be jealous.

The two been close ever since, and after Henry graduated, moved in with Joanne, the two knew that they could never have children, with the fact that they are two different species. They never let it bother them though, as they could always adopt, besides, they liked going through Great Plains and Rupertville, and loved seeing the absolute disgust in the eyes of the residents as the two made out in public. To them it was like giving the residents the middle finger, while hacking into their facebook profiles and changed the status to “seeing a furry/human”. They just loved every minute of it.

© Copyright 2018 hamcon (hamcon at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2155754