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by hamcon
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2155756
An anthro cat theif is arrested and is given a chance to become an officer, at a cost.
It was the middle of the night, everybody was asleep; those who weren’t, were watching TV. There was one person, who thrived in the night. An anthro manx cat named Tiger, wearing gloves, black pants, and a black shirt. Tiger was walking through the neighborhood, searching for the perfect building to break into. His requirements were simple, but they worked well for him.

No cars 10 feet from the building.
No alarms, or security
No lights were one.

Following those rules made it easy for him to break in, take what he could get, and walk out. Sometimes it took him to an abandoned building, and sometimes he had to deal with some people, but most of the time, it was smooth sailing for him.

His search brought him to a house painted green, and it fit all of his criteria. Smiling, he went to the house, proceeding to check all the windows to see if they could be opened. Too his luck, he found one that was unlocked, he opened it and crawled in. Looking around he found that he was in what appeared to be the dining room. He quietly shuffled around the house, looking for anything that looked worthwhile.

Just outside, a police car was going to the driveway, where it was shut off, and out came a grey wolf wearing a bright blue shirt, with a badge that said “POBPD”, black pants with a holster around them, and a glock in one, and black shoes. He shut the door and cursed to himself.

“Another day where I forget my Walkie Talkie, I swear, if I forget it one more time I will..” he stopped when he noticed that one of the windows were opened.

“Great, now I have to deal with a robber, my day is just getting better and better,” He silently opened his door and took out his gun, seeing that no one was in his sights, he walked in to begin his search.

Tiger was surprised with the amount of stuff was in this one house, it seemed that whoever lived here was loaded, or knew how to save his or her’s money. He walked into the bedroom and began his search. He opened some of the drawers, and saw a walkie-talkie on the nearby. He picked it up and inspected it, it seemed to be made out of dark, hard plastic. Turning it around, he saw something printed on it Squinting, he read it.

“Property of Pile of Bones Police Department,” his eyes widened, and his heart stopped. He was robbing a cops house, and it seemed that he forgot his walkie-talkie. He was going to run out, but when he turned around, he saw a wolf in a police uniform aiming a gun at him.

“Alright, turn around and get on your knees,” the cop ordered, Tiger wordlessly complied, he felt the cold steel from the handcuffs go on his wrist before being forced up and out of the house and into the car.

The cop, Silver, went into the driver seat and started the car, and began his drive to the police station.

“It is a good thing I forgot my walkie-talkie, or else you would have gotten away,” Silver said smugly to the cat in the back, who just glared at the officer.

“Look, just send me to the slammer and be done with it,” Tiger said, turning from the cop.

“You know that it isn’t that easy, but who knows, you may get a better life,” Silver said with a smile.

“I know what happens after going to prison,”Tiger wasn’t lying, he heard how when prisoners were let go, they couldn’t find a job because most places wouldn’t hire someone who had a criminal record.

“Who said anything about going to prison?”

The car stopped in front of the station, where Silver took Tiger out of the car, and lead him to the building, officers watched as the two went to the front desk. The female crow at the desk looked up from her papers.

“Caught another one tonight?” Silver nodded.

“Cell 3 is empty, he can stay there for the time being,”

Silver thanked the crow and led Tiger to the cells, and threw him in, making sure to lock the door.

“You will be staying for the night, then you will be transferred to a prison,” Silver said, leaving Tiger.

He went to the lobby where the other cops were. “I had to stop a thief at my home,” Silver said grabbing some coffee. One of the cops, a thin female cheetah, chuckled at the news.

“How can anyone be so stupid to rob from a cop? Did he not see the cop car?”

“Well, considering that I only found out about him after I realized that I forgot my Walkie Talkie, I think he had no idea until the he found it,” Silver explained, drinking his coffee. He looked around the lobby, seeing that their was someone missing.

“Where is Fang?”

“Didn’t you here, he was fired after it turned out that he was harassing reptiles, even arresting some of them over the simplest thing,” The same cheetah girl explained, getting a sigh from the anthro wolf.

Fang was a Lion who worked for the force for 10 years, but there was suspicions that he was speciest towards reptiles, The suspicion started when one of the cops found him harassing a rattlesnake. He was given light charges as they thought that Fang was having a bad day. Soon it got worse as they were getting complaints of reptiles being arrested for stealing, even though they paid for it, and over thing like Jay-walking. Soon an investigation was came up, to find out if Fang was speciest, it turned out it was when a tortoise cop went undercover, and Fang ended up trying to arrest him for loitering in a place where it was allowed.

“I guess we are short one cop now huh?” Silver asked, getting a nod from everyone, he cursed under his breathe and finished his coffee, just in time for the intercom to come on.

“Officer Silver, Chief Brown needs you in his office,”

Silver stared at his colleagues confused, who all had a confused look on them too. He shrugged his shoulders and went to Chief Brown’s office. Brown was a black bear with a bit of muscle on him, while age has weakened him, he was still able to beat most of the cops there. There was always a mystery as to why a black bear was named Brown, but he never thought it was important.

Brown turned to see the wolf standing at the desk and smiled, “Officer Silver, please, have a seat,”

Silver complied, sitting on the comfortable chair, with the Chief of Police sitting on his.

“What seems to be the problem?” Silver asked.

“Well, you noticed that Fang isn’t here, and that leaves a spot open, unfortunately we have nobody that can replace him,” Brown explained, his weight creaking the chair when he moved forward to talk to the grey wolf in front of him.

“How is that possible, didn’t 20 officers just graduate from training?”

“They did, but you see, I read their profile, and,” Brown took out a folder and gave it to Silver, “That is the most promising one I found,”

Silver opened the folder and was shocked about what he had read. “This person was caught sexally abusing a fellow trainee, and was just given a warning, even after multiple reports?”

“Yeah, as you can see it seems that drill sergeants, and the system itself has been going soft to allow more into the force, I was lucky to get that, most of the time they just won’t write it in at all,” Brown explained.

“So, what now?” Silver asked, Brown got up from his chair and went to the window and looked at the cars passing by.

“Silver, I want you to talk to the prisoner you brought in, and ask him if he would like to redeem what he has done, by participating in the serum testing,”

Silver shot up from his chair in shock, staring at the anthro bear like he grew a second head. “You can’t be serious, we have no idea if it will work! What if it kills him!? We could get in trouble for this!” Silver shouted, the Chief of Police, not even phased by the outburst, turned around to face Silver.

“Silver, I know that we don’t know if it will be a success. But right now it is our only chance, and besides, he will have a say. He may have broken the law, but he still has right,” Brown walked to Silver, causing the wolf to look up to make eye contact.

“Just tell him everything, if he refuses, we won’t bother him with it again and I will hire one of the new guys, but if he accepts, you must give him time to say goodbye to his family before we start,”

Silver looked away from his boss, swallowing some of his pride as he said, “I’ll ask him,”

Brown gave a simple nod and let him out. Silver walked walked about 20 feet, when he stopped. His teeth were bared as he clenched his fists, and punched the wall in anger. He ignored the pain, all he could think of was the serum that his boss wanted to use, the very serum Silver hated with a passion.

The serum was made to help cops that were injured, allowing them to go straight back to the field. At first Silver was all for it, he knew of cops that were seriously injured and couldn’t work for weeks, he supported. That was until the force found out that the serum was now being made to change prisoners into cops, which inquired their species and memories to be erased. When that came out, Silver became furious, he believed that all criminals have the right to live their lives, not for it to be taken away just so some cops can get some extra hands. After that, he began to focus more on his work, to forget about the serum, but now he was forced to tell it to a person who he just arrested, and for the first time, he hoped that a prisoner would rather choose prison, than a second chance.

Silver took his fist from the wall and began his trek to the cells, his hand slightly bleeding from the impact of the wall.

Tiger sat in his cell, thinking about how it was going perfectly, yet it seemed that karma wielded its ugly little head and got him arrested. He was so preoccupied, that he didn’t notice that the door to his cell opened, and the very grey wolf that arrested him came in.

“Hey there,”

Tiger lifted his head to see the cop, and was shocked to see that the cop looked sad, and that he also had a folder on him.

“Hey, what’s up with you?” Tiger asked, he didn’t get a response from the cop, if was almost like the cop was distracted by something.

“Listen, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I have a way to make sure that you don’t go to prison, and for your record to be erased,”

Tiger was surprised to hear that, and was instantly happy. “Really, that is great, what do I have to do!?”

The cop sighed sadly, causing the cat to lose his feeling of joy. The cop handed him the folded marked “COP SERUM”, which he took.

“You will be injected with a serum that will make you into an officer, you will gain increased muscle mass, and knowledge of being a cop,”

“That doesn’t sound too bad…”

“You will also have your memories erased, you will no longer remember who you used to be, your family, or anything else. You will only remember being a cop,”

That very sentence caused the anthro cat’s heart to stop. The very idea that he someone would do that was awful, almost like murder.

“C-can they do that?”

“Unfortunately, yes a law was passed saying that this is legal,”

Tiger opened the file to see if the wolf was telling the truth, it turned out it was. He closed the folder and gave it back to the wolf. Who in turned put his hand on his shoulder.

“Listen, I know it must be hard to choose, but you-”

“I’ll do it,” Tiger said, there was no emotion to his voice, no personality, it was just flat.

The cop was surprised to hear this, in fact, he wanted to believe that he didn’t hear him right. “Are you sure? Because I can find another way,”

“I will have a criminal record, I won’t be able to hold a job, my life will go to shit. I know this is messed up, but at least with this I can live a better life,” Tiger explained, he was holding back his emotions, doing his best act as calm as possible.

The cop just nodded and said, “Okay, that is your choice, but before we test it. You are allowed to call your family to say your last goodbyes,”

Tiger said nothing as the cop led him to the nearest phone, he picked it up and dialed the only number in his head. The phone rang, until it was stopped when a feminine voice answered.


“Hi Mom, it’s Tiger,” Tiger said, he could feel his eyes water up as he knew that this would be the last time he will ever hear her voice, and instantly know who it is.

“Tiger? How have you been?”

“I- I’m fine is Dad there?”

“No, he isn’t, is something wrong?”

“N-no Mom, I just want to say that I love you,” Tiger could already feel tears run down his cheeks. Hearing his mom panic made him feel even worse.

“Tiger, what is this about? Tell me what is going on!?

“I-I won’t be here tomorrow, please tell Dad that I love him, and that I will miss both of you,”

“I will, but Tiger please tell me what is going on? Why are you acting this-” The voice stopped as Tiger hung up the phone, no longer able to keep his composure, he sat on the ground and began to sob, he was going to be gone tomorrow, and his family would never know what happened.
Silver could only watch as the very cat that tried to rob him, was now a ball of sadness. After the anthro cat calmed down, he helped him up and led him back to his cell. As they were walking, he could hear the cat mumble some words.

“Salmon is the best tasting fish, Harry Porker are okay movies, pc is better than console,” Silver decided to not bother him with it. He put the cat in the cell, and locked the cell door. He left to tell his boss the decision that the prisoner made.

The next day, Silver was in a room with double sided window. Watching as the anthro manx cat was led into a room, only in his boxers. The cat was motioned to lay down on a bed that looks like it was made for a hospital. He did so, and the two doctors, a female sheep and a male pig, tightened leather straps around the cat's arms, legs, and torso.

One of the doctors put a mask on the cat's mouth, the mask was attached to a tank full of anesthetics, and turned the valve, letting the cat breathe it in, and slowly close his eyes and fall into a deep sleep.

During all this, Silver’s squadmate, the cheetah from the other day, came in to check in on him.

“I am surprised that you would even want to watch this,” The cheetah said, watching with the anthro wolf.

“I was curious, I may hate this project, but that doesn’t mean I can ignore it,” Silver explained. He crossed his arms around his chest as he saw the two doctors inject the two different serums into the cat's arm, one for the muscle expansion, the other for the species change. The doctors took a couple of steps back as they all waited to see what would happen.

After a full minute of waiting Silver saw that the anthro manx was beginning to spasm. He watched as the little muscle the cat had grew. He could see well-defined abs and pecs grow from the torso, the muscle were beginning to stretch the leather restraints. After 5 minutes, the manx stopped convulting, he now looked like he went to the gym for years. Silver couldn’t help but think that it was impressive, what took him years only took 5 minutes on the cat before him. In the back of his mind, he could only imagine the pain that the cat would have gone through if the doctors didn’t put him under.

Soon the most drastic change happened, as the cat's fur went from orange to brown around around the legs, arms, chest, and face. The rest turned black, which included the ears, back, and muzzle.

The muzzle grew out even longer, more teeth growing in, the tail grew from a stump, till it was 3 feet long, black fur grew on the tip, with brown fur on the rest of it. The claws extended, and became much larger, the claws could no longer be sheathed as his hands and feet became slightly larger. His body grew from 5’6 to 6’1, the boxers ripping at the side from the sudden height increase, in fact, a noticable bulge could be seen on his crotch.

The changes stopped, and where once was a manx cat, now laid a german shepherd. The two doctors went to the bed, and wheeled the subject out of the room, leaving it empty.

“So, any idea how they will make him forget that he was once a cat who was a thief, to a dog who is a cop?” The cheetah asked.

“From what I read, they will induce amnesia, than they will induce new memories via messages played to him while he is still asleep, including the new name,” Silver explained, he turned and went to the door, he stopped before opening it and said, “Tell the chief that I am taking a personal day, I want to forget what I saw.”

The cheetah nodded as she saw Silver leave the room, knowing what he meant.

Hunter woke up to the feeling of aching muscles and a headache. He winced as he got up from his king sized bed, his head in his hands.

“What happened? Why does it feel like i got drunk, then got hit by a car?” Hunter asked himself. He took a step to the washroom when he heard a rip, looking down he saw that he was wearing boxers that were to small for him.

“Why am I wearing these?” He asked himself, he wanted to take them off and put on ones that fit, but right now he needed to take care of the pain he was in. He got in the washroom and took out some pain medication, he took two pills and swallowed them down.

“It is a good thing I don’t work today, I wouldn’t be able to do much,” he said, going out of the washroom and back to his room to pick out some clothe, and to throw out the boxers he had on. Some minutes later, he walked out wearing black jeans and a white t-shirt that showed his muscles. He took out his phone to see what the time was, and saw that it was 1 pm.

“Wow, I have no idea what I did, but I apparently needed it.”

He put his phone away and went into the living room, where some of his medals were in cases. Hunter smiled as he looked at them. He remembered when he became a cop, he was the top of his classes, and was physically stronger than the other canines, expect for Silver, but Silver was a wolf, and he couldn’t beat a wolf.

He was also a kind officer, always talking to civilians with a smile. Of course that didn’t mean that he was soft on criminals, in fact he was quite hard on them. Of course he never seriously injured one, but he did give them some bruises to remember.

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden growl in his stomach.

“Well, I did miss breakfast, so I better eat,” Hunter took his car keys and went outside to start his car. “That new sushi place just opened, I hope they have salmon, also when I am done, I can download that new game that came out on PC.”

Hunter went into his vehicle and started it, in his mind, he felt really happy that he liked salmon and PC gaming, but he didn’t know why.
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