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What would summer be without parties, music, dancing, and an intensifying crush
A crush is like a cold
You could always feel it coming on
There with you when you’re at your weakest, spreading like a virus, piercing your insides as it gets strong
I don’t know where I went wrong
But I keep singing this same damn song
Because this summer crush is like a cold, I can feel it coming on, nothing I can do to prevent it from getting strong

Just let go, every day of this summer
Let it go, let it go, don’t let anything beat you up inside

I’ll be there with you until the end of summer, ‘til the leaves start falling, ‘til they turn brown, ‘til they all start falling down
I’ll be your puppy, your savior, I’m open, you could see right through me

(How could this be)

We’re at a house party but yet it’s like dead silence when it’s just us two dancing so close
I like to think we got this party shut out
Because this summer is all about us and nothing is coming between you, me, and this beat
Our moves, closeness, and rhythm radiate through the crowd

The people start to move and we become a part of the move and I’m so close to you that I can feel your heartbeat to the sound of the room and in this moment we’re all in this together in here

This is the time to let our worries go and enjoy being alive
This night I want to spend forever with you
And I’ll dance until this sweat start pouring down my chest, until I don’t feel depressed, until I can’t take any more of this
And let the music transform us
And in this moment this life is just so perfect
For a wreck like me
(So many reasons to want to live, I need to let my sadness go)
For a wreck like me
(I’ve made so many humiliating mistakes)
For a wreck like me
(I need to let it all go)

I feel the crowd tighten up around us and the music becomes louder
I close my eyes and feel my heart beat faster and to my surprise you’re still by my side
(I need to let it all go)
The beat goes over and over again
(Letting it all go and dancing around in this room)

Now I’m letting this music take control of us
These lights go out got me grabbing you so close to me
Dancing around in the dark
Dancing around in the dark got me so close, depending on you
Never thought it would go down like this

For the first time in my life I finally see the light
I’ll be the one to make these people all see the right way to the light
I’ll be the person of greatness
To the light
I’ll be the one to make these people all see the right way to the light

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