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How the Coverup got started and why it continues
One of the justifications used in covering up a historical as well as a current UFO presence purports to be the corrosive effect it will have on the social fabric of the world. The Brookings Institute Report, to which Margaret Mead was a contributor, said that if an extraterritorial presence is discovered it must be kept from the public at all costs. Her experience as a first hand observer of what happens when modern and primitive societies abruptly clash shaped her point of view. One has only to look at what happened when the Aztecs encourtered the Conquistadors to realize the consequences that such a contact might entail. Montezuma might have defeated Cortez had he implemented a more hostile and aggressive strategy.

I know those of a more liberal persuasion will find such thinking an anathema and think we should join hands with our alien visitors and sing cum-by-yah. However, if we project our own modus operandi on the unknown agenda of space visitors, there is a likelihood that we should beware of strangers bearing gifts. Stephen Hawkings thought so. The idea that ETs with their long boney fingers and cute faces are a benevolent force in the cosmos, coming to lead us into the higher plane of a peaceful benevolent universe is perhaps a flawed, wishful and dangerous form of thinking. Montezuma had one chance and he blew it. In fairness to the Aztec ruler he didn't have a whole lot of time to digest the strategy and motives of his visitors, appearing out of the blue. On the other hand we are coming up on seventy-five years getting to know these elusive and ambiguous space visitors and cannot claim to be a blushing bride going to the altar of an arranged marriage.

In 1947 our government knew for absolute certainty of an extraterrestrial presence. It kicked the fenders of downed spacecraft and autopsied the bodies of dilutive grey space creatures. One of these survived and provided an opportunity for contacting his race. There was a mutually agreed upon rendezvous and an exchange of personnel. From these extraterrestrials we learned that there were other races of advanced intelligence operating in and about our solar system. The response by our government has been to clamp an airtight lid of secrecy on this Alien presence.

There are many who are indignant with all the hush-hush. So heavy handed has all the secrecy become that our government has felt compelled to amend the constitutional process by which we are governed to accommodate a growing conviction that the treat is even more pervasive and real that anyone at first imagined. President Truman established a special council, MJ-12, to look into the matter and empowered this group with latitudes well beyond the oversight of our duly elected representatives. Truman was not an evil man conspiring to create a one world government. He was a responsible leader, the first president, confronted with uncontrovertibly solid proof and duty bound to take appropriate action.

When President Eisenhower was elected, his Vice President, Nelson Rockefeller undertook a reorganization of Department of Defense (DOD). This was after the Atomic Bomb secrets were stolen by the Soviets. The Atomic Bomb fiasco was not the most secretive program at the time. They must have reasoned that If we couldn't keep that one under wraps there was no way our democratic process, could suppress the revelation of the century. A new loop of security was established that entrusted the back engineering of alien technology to a highly compartmentalized and need to know group of scientists, engineers and government insiders. Funding for these black projects goes through DOD, is in the scope of trillions of dollars and even a sitting president is not briefed on what is going on, unless/until the Deep State feels He/She can be trusted.

The Deep State, as a consequence, is a very real and powerful force in national and Geopolitics with all the potential for abuse that goes with it. If you watch how the media, and our government tap dances about the the political abuses revealed in our government one can see the slippery slope the United States is operating on. One can only pray that those who actually pull the strings are basically decent Americans, a supposition that is becoming increasing difficult to swallow.

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