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a brief look at that magical period right after the sun goes down.
I was standing on my back deck looking and listening to the sounds of the time right after the sun goes down and before it gets too dark to see. The birds have quieted for the night and the creatures that prefer the darker hours start to stir. I can hear the soft croak of frogs from a pond close by accented by the soft buzz of some insect. The sky is gently colored by the fading rays of the sun against the remnants of clouds from earlier in the day. Fireflies, also called "lightnin' bugs" throughout the South, twinkle as they dart through the trees and bushes. Until it is completely dark they are hard to see and you strain to catch a glimpse. The air is dry and warm as a cooling breeze starts to caress the area giving a hint that night is approaching. The breeze has scents of some of the Spring flowers, many of which are not the most aromatic this time of year. Later in Summer the scents will change to a heavily heady perfume that is a mixture of honeysuckle and magnolia. During June and July, the air grows humid and heavy with the intoxicating sensual air. During March and April the air is dryer and not as aromatic. As I stand on the deck the darkness starts to slowly descend on the area and the fireflies brighten, the breeze starts to cool drastically and it is time to go in and let the darkness envelope the area. As I close the door the sounds of the evening fade away and I feel a slight sense of loss. Soon it will be too hot and the various biting insects that populate the South will make staying out after sunset a miserable experience. For now I will enjoy the few days of Spring weather we have before the hot days of Summer intrude.
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