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A story about earth day
The Tree is where it all started. Every living thing can be traced back to the roots of The Tree. It provides shelter and warmth to
all the animals. She loves all of them fiercely like a mother loves her child. One day, a little rabbit came up to the tree and said,

"Can you help me, Tree? Something has destroyed my home. Where can I go to keep my family safe?" The Tree responded,

"Do not worry, little one. I will find you a new home. Can you tell me what this creature was?"

"It wasn't like me, it was very odd looking, and instead of hopping, it moved around on two legs."

"I see. I shall send a scout to observe this creature."

The Tree sent out a stag to observe the creature and told him to come back in three days time. Three days passed, but the stag did not return. A short time later, the wife of the stag came up to the tree and said in a sad, quiet voice,

"Can you help me, Tree? My husband was killed by a strange looking creature. How will I protect my children now?"

"I am sorry for your loss, madam. Can you describe the creature to me?"

"It wasn't like me, it had no antlers or fur, and their young could not walk without help from one that was fully grown."

"I will send some of my best soldiers to deal with this creature. Your children will be safe, little one. You have my word."

"Thank you, Tree."

The Tree sent out six of her biggest wolves and told them to observe it's behavior, and only attack the creature if it is absolutely necessary. She told them to do this for six days, then return to her. The six days passed, and only two of the wolves returned, one of them badly injured. He collapsed in front of her,

"Mother Tree, I have failed you..."

"My child, who did this? They will be punished severely."

"The strange creatures saw us and thought we were after its young. The others didn't make it back."

"What did they look like? Tell me."

"It wasn't like me, Their teeth weren't pointy, and they hunt with sharp sticks."

"I see now that I must deal with them myself. Where do they live?"

"At the edge of the forest. Be careful, Mother Tree. We love you and could not bear it if you were to be hurt."

"I love all of you as my children, and have only your best interest at heart. This is why I must pay them a visit. I will be back in ten days

And so, she went and went, until she reached the edge of the forest. As she watched the creatures live and work and hunt, she noticed that all the things the animals told her were true. They covered themselves in colorful material, walked upright, and hunted with sharp sticks. On the last day, she woke up to a repeated thwack, thwack thwacking sound, followed by a sharp pain after each thwack. She looked down, and saw a group of the creatures hitting the base of her massive trunk with sharp sticks made of cold, silvery wood. She cried out, but they continued to cut and cut and cut away at her. In her final moments, she whispered these words, "I am sorry I could not save you... Please forgive me."

* * * * *

At the exact same moment that she fell, a tiny green sprout in the center of the forest
burst out of the ground and grew into an even more magnificent Mother Tree. Every one of the
animals in the forest rejoiced and traveled to the center to celebrate their mother tree's glorious rebirth.
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