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The pain of womanhood. A poem for women.
The blessing of children also comes with a curse
A pain that you feel years before their birth.
From a very young age, your body knows it’s time
Each month it’s like you’ve committed a terrible crime.

You lay in your bed for hours on end,
Wishing to never go through this torture again.
You beg and you plead with the powers that be
“why, oh why, God is this happening to me?”

Everything in your body is all out of whack,
Sometimes you say things you want to take back.
But the damage is done and all on a whim
Without a moment of thought, you hurt them.

The people you love and you cherish so much
The one you are always longing to touch.
Your words have cut deep as you can see
Because you again are asking “why me?”

You know that this will all be worth it
If you manage to keep out of the pit
That you dig for yourself when it is your time
Over the years you will make a hard climb

But one day when you sit there holding your child
You will look back and see that the pain was just mild.
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