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Life as I once knew it and life as I now know it (A sestina)
My Mind

I listen to the music all the time
I've been listening to the music for as long as I can remember
I have found it in my mind
The sounds that work together are the ones that stick together
Background noise heard in a grocery store
Or an unspoken conversation in an elevator where we have become trapped

In this monotonous reality we are trapped
Our lives scheduled by the time
Waking up to the music of the alarm stored
Strategically on the phone as a way to remember
That everyone has a place in this world together
Even if we are all of a separate mind

We are each our own person. Do you mind
Sharing with me why is it that you feel trapped?
You two belong together
Why didn't you fight it? Did you forget the good times
You had with him? Maybe you just chose not to remember
Because you were excited to shop in a new store

I was young the first time I was lost in the store
I couldn't find you and it caused a panic over my mind
And I checked every section that I could remember
Passing by with you, but I eventually gave up, feeling trapped
Behind the aisles that outstretched as long as time
Before turning a corner and finding you and him standing together

We were best friends, always together
Laughing as we walked up and down the aisles in the store
Simply just to pass the time
As the woman behind the counter began to mind
Our presence, but we couldn't leave because we were trapped
There until your mother would take the time to remember

It is becoming harder and harder for me to remember
How is it that we first got together?
I guess we were both feeling trapped
In this world which encourages people to store
Their deepest, darkest thoughts in the corners of their mind
Forcing them to hide their true feelings for all of time

But I am tired of being trapped and trying to remember
I am running out of time that we will be able to spend together
All the thoughts that I have stored, when will they be free from my mind?

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