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thank you for letting me break loose from your abuse and giving me the gift of my daughter
When I met you, I couldn't help but fall for your charm,
I didn't know back then that meant a life full of harm.
You filled my head with a bunch of plans and promises,
As time passed, slowly each promise was broke.

When I became pregnant, you were so excited to start a family,
Why couldn't you just be tell me you weren't ready to be a dad again?
I gave you every chance to back out, told you I could raise my child alone.
By the time my daughter turned one, you decided to walk away from her forever.

Three years I spent trying to please you so that you wouldn't take you anger out on me.
I would sit and cry and beg for you to "please just leave me be!"
I still remember the one sentence that completely broke my heart...
"I have a son that needs me more than our daughter anyways so I don't want her"

It"s one thing to hurt me, physically, emotionally, and mentally..
But how could you turn your back on a beautiful girl we made together?
How can you go about your life acting like she doesn't exist?
Do you not realize everything you're going too miss?

You weren't there for her first birthday, her first step, her first word.
The way you are to your son, then to our daughter is absurd.
I never wanted her to experience what it was like to not have her dad,
Even though 98% of the things you did were bad.

She's not old enough to understand now,
but how am I supposed to tell her you gave away your rights when she was one?
I know she'll be okay after all she has an amazing mom to pick up the pieces
The bond and love her and I share on a daily basis only increases.

I didn't need you when I was pregnant, and I don't need you now.
I will continue to raise my daughter and pick up the pieces you broke.
I thank you for walking away, so now my daughter will never know abuse,
I was finally set free and able to break loose.

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