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In the not so distant past, macro events took place, affecting life in our Solar System
If you look at pictures of our solar system, from rockets, launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and taken by Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) satellites, there is a common feature that appears on the surface of many moons and planets. These are hexagonal footprints left by a device that once "jockeyed" them about to achieve an optimal orbit. In other words, an advanced alien technology was used to move space rocks around, like our moon, in order to achieve a desired gravitational effect. This "Tractor Beam" exerted a tremendous force and left behind visual evidence of its use. This could be better established if scientists compared the imageryof these anomalies, the surface area of the planetary body, and determine if a correlation exists between examples where this phenomenom is found to occur.

I know, I know... this sounds like Star Trek and pure science fiction. However, this is not the only evidence of anti-gravity technology being used. In human abduction reports and incidents involving cattle mutilations, reports that people and large animals are lifted from the earth and transported up into space craft. So the ability to do this sort of thing with advanced anti-gravity technology has evidence in our interactions with aliens as well as signatures left on planetary surfaces. If this capability can be used for "Good" it follows that it can be used for "Bad." For example suppose an asteroid was captured in a benign orbit and directed onto a lethal trajectory towards a targeted planet.

It is a popular hypothesis that the demise of the dinosaurs was caused by an asteroid impact. As a consequence NASA and DOD are interested in tracking space debris in the event something appears suddenly space on a collision course with Earth. A significant impact could end life as we know it.

There is also a concern regarding Super Novas. These are exploding stars in the Galaxy that send huge pulses of light. When these pulses arrive they can heat things up and start fires. As they get closer the polar ice vaporizes, darkness ensues.., followed by a violent change in climatic conditions which includes wide spread FLOODING. Ocean levels rise and lands along the coastline submerge. Sound familiar?

Such events have happened in the past and it follows that they'll again happen in the future. One can only hope to live in a placid period of the cycle and be spared the brief terror of such a cataclysmic change. At the present time core samples are being taken in the Antartica to provide a better understanding of the timing, scope and duration of these reoccurring catastrophes.

If one accepts that contact has been made with one or more alien race, it follows that somebody asked... "Hey, ET... what's the deal with historical accounts that a flood happened? If the reply was "Yeah... it did." This must have tightened the sphincters of the MJ-12 interviewers. A follow-up question would be, "Was this a naturally occurring event or did somebody give the astroid a little nudge in our direction?" I won't speculate on the answer. I'll only say that leaked MJ-12 documents claim some aliens are friendlier than others... and that these answers and more are already in the public domain.. (amid the clutter of misinformation obfuscated by our intelligence agencies.)

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