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Rated: E · Chapter · Fanfiction · #2156140
This is a short Doctor Who fanfiction.
Chapter 1: New Beginnings

The Doctor was reading a book titled "Historic Locations of Europe". He made sure to read every single page, so that he did not miss anything important. After hours of searching, he found a location, "Rome, Italy"

He exclaimed as he pointed at the page. The Doctor then jumped out of his chair and began his process at the console. With one swift motion, the Doctor pulled the main lever thar allowed the engine to commence flight. The TARDSI then let out an astounding roar. As the engine hummed, he entered the space-time coordinates for his destination. Going around the console flipping switches, pulling levers, and pressing all those marvelous buttons. A few clicks here and a few cranks there he was in motion. Thanks to the Doctor's fantastic piloting, he was able to land the TARDIS safely and easily. As the TARDIS landed, the Doctor could barely hold in his excitment as he practically burst through the TARDIS doors. Taking his first breath in this new land, he noticed something was off. "This is Rome, isn't it?"

Finding himself in a somewhat populated area, he found a dark-haired girl, walking around by herself. The Doctor then non-chalantly walked up to her. She hadn't even noticed the 6'1 man walk up behind her. "Excuse me"
the Doctor exclaimed, "This is Rome, am I correct?"
"Yeah..." She was a bit worried and confused all at the same time. "And, could you by chance tell me the date?"
he inquired. "It's the Fourth of August." she replied
"Good, August is a good month. Oh, and what year?
"Um, 2023." she replied
"Thank you miss." the Doctor said as he began to walk away.
"Wait!" she shouted after him.
She was now a bit inquisitive of the man's purpose. He had seemed so mysterious to her.

She ran up to him and tapped him on his arm. She could not possibly reach his shoulder. "Excuse me." she said innocently.
"Yes? Oh! It's you again!" the Doctor said happily.
"Yes, it's me. My name is Sophia. What's your name?"
"Nice to meet you Sophia, I'm the Doctor."
"Doctor Who?"
"Exactly" he replied with a sexy smirk.

She had to know where he was going, but she didn't want to seem like a stalker. Sophia decided she would just tag along, for whatever adventure may come. On their walk, they had enjoyed a nice conversation about the city they were both currently situated in. They had made it to a strip mall with some nice shops and restaraunts. "Let's stop here. Sophia said as she pointed towards a Starbucks.
The Doctor happily followed her to the door, where he then proceeded to hold it open for her. After ordering two tall frappuccinos, they sat down at an empy two seated table outside the establishment. Sophia had started the conversation off with a few questions. "So, where you from?"
she had asked with immense curiosity.
"Far away" he replied blandly.
"How far?" she inquired.
"Far" the Doctor replied, not thinking he would believe her if he told her the truth.
"C'mon, tell me" Sophia pleaded
"Gallifrey" the Doctor replied hastily
"Gallifrey?" she replied.
"It is a, um... planet"
"A planet? Like, from space?"
"Are you here to punish Earth or something, for being such a disgrace?"
"No! No. I'm not here for that. I'm just wandering about."
"Oh okay, that's good then"
"What about you Sophia, where are you from?"
"Oh you know, born and raised..."
"That's good to hear, sticking to your roots"
"Yeah, but sometimes it just gets boring. Seeing the same things day after day, the same people and places for your whole life."
"It must be hard"
"Yeah, sometimes I wish I could just run away and travel to all kinds of different places."
"Maybe you can"
"Really?! Do you have a ship?"
"As a matter of fact, I do"
"Can I go see it?!"
"Of course! Follow me"

The Doctor and Sophia then made their way to the TARDIS. Sophia couldn't wait to see it, she imagined it being a big ship with lot's of buttons and switches inside. They had finally arrived in front of the mighty TARDIS. Sophia looked puzzled.
"Where is it?" she said as she looked around the area.
"It's right here!" the Doctor exclaimed as he snapped the doors open. She turned around to find herself staring in awe at the inside of the TARDIS. With disbelief in her eyes, and curiosity in her heart, she took her first steps in the TARDIS. Taking a look back outside of the blue police box, and taking another look inside, she came to the realisation that this was not fake. This moment was really happnening. As she walked up behind the Doctor, a message popped up on the monitor, and a loud alarm sounded throughout the console room.
To the Doctor, circular Gallifreyan encompassed the screen. But to Sophia, all she could see were odd sympols. Then all of the sudden, those strange symbols morphed into English text. She was astonished at what had happened right before her eyes.
"Guess that trip will have to wait" the Doctor exclaimed dissapointed.
"Wait. Does that mean we're going to go hunt an alien?" Sophia asked
"Yep, and you know what that means?"
"What?" Sophia asked with a nervous curiousity in here tone.
"Allon-sy!" the Doctor exclaimed loudly as he pulled a lever that sent the TARDIS into flight.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2156140