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Brife encounter's with our Angel's
Have you ever felt like you were not alone, this feeling is eerie and most of it's scary because one day while going into the laundry room
I notice that the trees was swaying a little more than usual but I thought hey my mind is playing tricks on me lol so I continue to my laundry room , and my laundry was out side of our house this house was old anyway on this day there I was going into the laundry room as I unlocked open the door I began to feel cold the wind started to blow really hard and my hair stood on top of my head and I heard someone say Bahati , Bahati I turn around to look and to see who could be calling me , but there was no one there I thought to myself are my eyes deceiving me what's going on she took off I ran as fast as I could I did not look back I did not lock the door as a matter fact I left the open ,I went into the house and locked the door sat on the couch to calm my nerves, I felt like I was being stalked by some unknown force and he or she really wanted my attention . I was so shaken about what happen to me that I could;even think right my mind kept racing and I could not control my emotions but I knew I had to pull myself together because I had to go to work to night and I was working the grave yard position and believe I did not want a repeat of what happened earlier , but anyway I manage to calm down after I took a old pain pill I had from a month ago when I fracture my baby finger at work lol it's a long story now back to what I was saying I was feeling good back into my zone again I said to myself Bahati things sometimes in this world and you just can not explain everything and you just can not go around telling everyone because they are going to call you cray cray, so I put what happen in the back of my mind and got busy with doing what I had to do for the day but I did not go back into the laundry room I just could not do it , so I went up stairs into my room pick out something to put on and took a shower I got dressed I needed to get of the house and chill with that being said I left the house got into my car and went to the beach it was a nice people everywhere the sun was shining just so beautiful I found a spot that I liked I got out of the car and began to walk to it , I sat down and just took in the sun for awhile just meditating on good vibrations the universe felt good to me, I realized that I had to be at work by 4: 00 pm so I head back to the care and headed for work when I got work everything was good and I was in a good mood, the day went by quickly and soon 12;00 Am was nearing almost time for me to get off work but before I can clock out I have to do a ground check and this means getting into the elevator and no I was not a Security Guard lol. so around 11:30 pm I start my rounds and I get into the elevator and I press the button to go up to the thrid floor as I pressed number 3 the door began to close but just then it all of a sudden open back up and a voice said Bahati I was like okay now I know I'm not hearing things, but guess what I did not panic I just said well whoever you are you must be here to protect me and thank you , you are a blessing in disguise and the reason why I say that is because everytime there has been danger near you have been there thank you and God bless you.
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