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Charmer meets the ninja and has a strange destiny. This is a Ninjago fanfic.
A teenage girl walked onto the deck of the boat. Her black suit shined in the moonlight. She looked over the side of the boat at the roaring waters ahead. A man walked beside the girl."Good evening." Garmadon spoke in a low voice. "It's been a while."
"Indeed Garmadon, indeed." The girl said quietly.
"What brings you on this boat, Charmer?"
"Charmer is a name I have not been called in many years." She said, her eyes still gazing at the waters below.
"Why is that? You always preferred people to call you Charmer."
"That was back then, when times were different. Now, times have changed, choices were made, and friends were lost." She said keeping her gaze among the waters.
"I see." Garmadon said understandingly. "Choices were made, but new names do not change the past...or the future."
"They can if we never mention the things we regret."
"Ah, but they can't. Memories were made, feelings were felt, and lives were changed."
Charmer nodded, but did not look up.
"Again I ask. What brings you on this boat?" Garmadon spoke looking at the girl.
"A chance to set things right." Charmer quietly spoke looking at the city ahead.
The boat docked at Ninjago City.
"Things will be different." Charmer said walking off the boat.
"Kai it's not fair that you always get the last slice of pizza." Jay whined.
"Yes it is. Everyone knows I'm the best ninja." Kai said taking a bit off of the pizza.
Lloyd entered the room and said, "My dad just got off his boat. He should be here soon."
"Good." Nya spoke. "It's been long enough without adult supervision. Wu won't be back till next week and I'm getting sick of the pizza Kai's been ordering everyday."
"I'll text my dad to bring home some food. Some real food, not pizza." Lloyd said turning towards Kai.
Kai shrugged and finished his slice of pizza.
"Why did your dad go on that boat anyway?" Cole asked.
"He said something about how he was expecting someone or something. I don't know, I'm just glad he's back safe." Lloyd said.
1 hour later.
Garmadon walked through the door. His attire was a light colored robe and he looked tired as if he hadn't slept in days.
"Father, are you okay?" Lloyd asked with a worried look.
Garmadon shook his head and said, "Her power is not enough."
"What?" Lloyd said. "Who are you talking about?"
Garmadon closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.
"Guys!" Lloyd called. "Something is wrong."
Charmer wandered through the city.
"Garmadon thinks I can't do it." She mumbled to herself. "I'll show him."
Charmer walked to a donut shop. The waiter looked at Charmer with a confused look and walked towards her.
"How may I help you?" he asked.
Charmer showed him a golden necklace with a red dragon on it.
"I see." he said. "Come with me."
They walked to the back. The waiter opened a large cabinet. Charmer walked inside and went through a portal.
Garmadon awoke with curious ninjas surrounding him. He brushed off his robe and sat quietly.
"So, who were you talking about?" Lloyd spoke.
"You wouldn't know her. She's been distant lately."
"A name at least."
"Charmer. Her name is Charmer."
"So, is she in danger, or?" Kai asked.
"Well, that's the problem. I don't know."
"So what are we going to do?" Kai said waiting for an answer.
"We?" Garmadon asked.
"Uh, yeah. Maybe we can convince this 'Charmer' to forget about all of this and go home."
"If I know Charmer, and I do. She won't be persuaded easily."
"I am extremely persuasive." Kai said.
Garmadon chuckled. "Ok, I'd love to see what she does to you. Anyway, you guys can come, on one condition."
"What?" Lloyd asked.
"Don't be dumb and listen to me."
"Sorry." Lloyd said. "That is a physical impossibility for Kai and Jay."
"Hey!" Jay and Kai said in unison.
"Now." Garmadon said. "Come on."
They walked to the donut shop.
"What, are we getting a snack before we go?" Cole asked.
"Uh, no." Garmadon said. "Just be quiet and watch." The waiter walked towards them. "How may I help you guys?"
"Have you seen a teenage girl in a black suit pass by here?" Garmadon asked.
"She's a friend of mine." Garmadon said as he pulled out a golden necklace with a red dragon.
"Ah, what is it with all the SNS's?" he asked as he took them to the same closet Charmer went through. They walked through the portal.
Charmer walked towards the gleaming castle ahead. She finally got to the golden gates. A young teenage boy came up to her with a sword.
"Who are you and why have you come?"
"Are you kidding?" Charmer looked disappointed. "It's me Charmer."
The boy lowered his sword and embraced her with a hug.
"It's been so long since the last time I saw you,but you were banished."
"I know." Charmer said with deep anger. "I figured out that Zora betrayed us. You have no idea how badly I want to burn down her castle right now. "
"Whoa, calm down Charmer. Lets ease into things. We don't want a repeat of....." The boy said his voice trailing off.
"I have a new way to settle things. It's called deals, Hunter."
Hunter gave a slight nod and said, "Why don't you come back to my place and we can have a talk. I want too know everything cousin."
"What is an SNS?" Lloyd asked.
"Secret Ninja Society." Garmadon responded.
"Secret Ninja Society? How come we were never involved?" Kai asked.
"You should have come here sooner, but some things happened and it has taken us a while to recoop."
"What happened?" Lloyd asked.
"We don't usually speak of it, but you guys deserve to know."
"Ok, so what do you mean Zora betrayed us?" Hunter asked.
"Look, Zora is not who she says she is. I was looking through some recent photos Trish has been sending me and Zora's eyes were blue."
"So? There is nothing wrong with blue eyed people."
"No, it's not that. Her real eye color is brown."
"Are you sure?" Hunter asked. "Sometimes cameras don't get all the details and it could have changed her eye color."
"No Hunter. Zora has been to the Lake of Whispers."
"So." Garmadon began. "Charmer came here at a very young age after her parents were killed by wealthy paid mercenaries. We figured out Charmer was a very powerful individual. We taught and trained her the best we could, but none could replace what her parents could have done. She has all of the elements except time. We trained her until she turned thirteen. She entered a contest to help save her brother and best friends, but she failed and they..... died and she was banished by Zora, master Chen's wife. The truth is, Charmer was heartbroken and Zora changed the contract of the contest, so Zora was not a fair player. Me, Wu, and a few others still let Charmer in and we protect this place with our life."
"Whoa, slow down." Jay said. "Master Chen has a wife?"
"Yes. Master Chen was not always evil. He actually was a teacher of Charmer's, but something changed him."
"Another question." Lloyd said. "Was the waiter..."
"An elemental master? Yes. Some of us just chose to live normal lives. There are tons of us."
"Ok, back to our mission. Where is Charmer?" Nya asked.
"Well, if my memory serves me correct, she would be at her cousin, Hunter's, house." Garmadon answered.
"What are we waiting for lets go!" Cole said as Garmadon lead them to a small bright orange and yellow house.
"Wow, this guy must really like orange and yellow." Jay said.
"Each person's house is colored or decorated like there element." Garmadon said.
"So what element is Hunter?" Kai asked.
"Sun." Garmadon answered.
Then Garmadon knocked on the door.
Charmer and Hunter heard a knock on the door.
"I'll get it." Hunter said as he ran towards the door and opened it.
"Good evening Hunter." Garmadon said.
"Garmadon, it's been a while." Hunter said.
"Hunter, nice to see you." Garmadon said patting him on the back.
Charmer walked towards the door. "Hey Garmadon and wow, who are these guys, and uh, girl?"
"This is Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, and Nya." Garmadon said as he pointed to each one.
Charmer and Hunter each introduced themselves and everyone walked inside.
Lloyd's POV
I sat on the bright orange couch, which was surprisingly comfy and asked Charmer a question. "Charmer?"
Charmer turned her head to show her wood brown eyes. I started staring at her and was lost.
"Um, yeah." Charmer said.
I shook my head. "Uh, so you lost your brother huh?"
"Yeah. What a wonderful way to start a first impression." Charmer said crossing her arms.
I face palmed. "Uh, sorry. I'm not good with conversations."
"No,no it's fine." Charmer said. "But you should probably work on that."
I chuckled. "Yeah, I guess I should."
Then she turned towards Garmadon. "What do you need?"
"Well if you were planing on going to the Lake of Whispers, you can't go. It's just too risky." He said kindly.
"Garmadon, you can't tell me what to do. I have my own mission to fulfill."
"Your father told me to always look after you. If you're going to the Lake of Whispers, then we're going too." Garmadon said gesturing to him and the others.
"No Garmadon, I can't lose anyone else in my life."
"And you don't have to. Like you said, times have changed, but Charmer so have we." Garmadon said with hope in his eyes.
"So you want be to go on an adventure with a bunch of boys?" "Hey!" Nya exclaimed.
"Oh yeah, and a measly girl." Charmer said turning towards her.
"Who ya calling measly?" Nya said angrily.
"Uh you! Who else do you think I'm talking about."
"Well I otta..." Nya said getting up.
"Otta what?" Charmer said not moving as Nya came up to her face.
"Pummel you." Nya said cracking her knuckles.
"Ha, I'd love to see you try. I've seen and been through things you can't imagine, so don't test me." Charmer said getting up. "So I suggest you sit down."
Nya gave her the death glare and quietly sat by Kai. Then Charmer walked into the kitchen. Garmadon moved in his chair.
"Sorry about Charmer, she can be difficult at times. She's been through a lot and just needs time." Garmadon said softly.
I wanted to go talk with Charmer, but she'd probably bury me alive or something.
"Sounds to me like she needs to learn some manners." I heard Nya say angrily.
"She is usually a polite girl, but she gets her temper from her father. He was a rather wild hothead." Garmadon chuckled.
No one's POV
"Oh yeah?" Nya said. "That doesn't mean she can just explode her emotions on people."
"And she was wrong in doing so." Garmadon said. "But give her time. You'll learn that there's a lot more to Charmer than it meets the eye. She'll come around soon enough."
The room grew dark and suddenly was illuminated with bright neon colors. Charmer walked in slowly and sat down.
"Sorry about earlier, my temper got a hold of me, but at least it didn't end up like last time. I set a house on fire. Do you guys like the light show?" Charmer said making wisps of elements pass by them.
"It's really cool." Everyone except Nya said with awe.
"It's fine, I guess." Nya said sighing.
Charmer got up and walked outside on Hunter's porch. Garmadon winked and gestured towards Lloyd.
Lloyd's POV
Shoot, he winked at me. Can he tell I like her? Come on Lloyd you can't like a girl you just meet. I got up and walked outside. I heard Charmer talking to herself.
"I miss you guys. I tried my best, but I still failed you. How can you ever forgive me."
I saw a blue mist that showed a few personages. They gave Charmer a hug.
"You are forgiven. You did what you could, and that we are grateful for." They said before they disappeared.
My mind was so confused. Were those her friends and brother that died. I waited a few minutes then quietly walked towards her.
"Beautiful night." I said nervously.
"Yes indeed." Charmer said softly staring at the clear night sky. "I know you were spying on me. No need to hide it and yes, those were the people who died. I was just so glad I could see them."
I was surprised and then asked, "How did you know I was there watching?"
"I can feel the presence of other elemental masters and I can kind of read minds, but don't worry, I stopped after the first thought." Charmer said slightly laughing.
My face turned a crimson red. She read my thoughts about her.
"Look, I know I just meet you but, you..." I was cut off by Charmer saying, "I know, that's one of the reasons they call me Charmer."
Right, why didn't I think of that before. She charms people with her mezmorizing looks.
"Here." She said giving me a starburst. "I can't read your mind for 24 hours after you eat it. It comes in handy."
"Thanks." I said as I popped the starburst in my mouth.
No one's POV
Lloyd and Charmer walked inside.
"Hey, I was thinking maybe we could go to my masion for tonight. I haven't been there in a while." Charmer said to Garmadon.
"Excellent idea." Garmadon said.
"Great, lets get in my car." Charmer said walking outside with everybody else following close behind. Charmer turned towards everyone. "Hop in guys." Charmer said as she got in the drivers seat.
"Do you have a license?" Jay asked hesitantly.
"No, but don't worry I'm an excellent driver." Charmer said as she drove off at top speed towards a wall.
"Charmer!" Everyone screamed.
"Hold on tight!" She said as the car went through a vortex before hitting the wall. They landed in a luxurious garage.
"Ok guys, you can get out now." Charmer said unlocking the doors.
"Did we just..."
"Go through a speed vortex to get to my masion? Why yes. Thank you for asking Cole."
Everyone walked inside the masion.
"Edward, are you here?" Charmer called throughout the house.
A middle aged man walked up to Charmer and said, "Master Charmer, welcome home."
"Where's everyone else?" Charmer asked.
"In the dojo." Edward said. "And whom may those people be?"
"Those are aquantancies of mine." Charmer said gesturing to them. "Guys, we'll leave for the Lake of Whispers tomorrow. Edward will escort you to your rooms, and feel free to check the place out. We have a library, game room, training room, and other places you can explore. I need to go check on some people." Charmer said rushing towards the training room.
"This place is so awesome." Jay said talking to Edward. "Where's the game room?"
"Easy newcomer, are you guys elemental masters?"
Everyone nodded their heads.
"Perfect, follow me."
"Why is it perfect?" Lloyd asked.
"This is the Sanctuary of Elements. Charmer made this place for elemental masters without homes. We train young kids to control their powers. Charmer is attending to a few of them right now. She is a very sweet girl isn't she?"
"Heh,heh, yeah." They said hesitantly. "Except when she gets mad."
"Ah, yes. I have been trying to work with her on that."
"So are you related to Charmer?" Nya asked.
"Well, no. I have promised my life to be loyal to her family and I take my job very seriously." Edward said as he came up to four doors.
"First one is for the young lady." Edward said pointing to Nya. "Second door is for you two." He said pointing to Kai and Jay. "Third door is for you guys." He said pointing to Lloyd and Cole and Zane. "And last door is for Mr. Garmadon. I hope you enjoy your stay. Maps are each of the rooms. Chow!" Edward said as he walked away. "Oh, and on more thing. Please try to be organized."
"This library is very fascinating. It has all the histories of Ninjago and a wide variety of fantasy. I love this place." Zane said as he explored the massive library.
"Um, Zane?" Charmer asked.
"Can you quiet down? This is a library after all."
"Yes, sorry for my rudeness." Zane said as he grabbed a book off one of the shelves and plopped on a chair.
"Guys the game room is huge and has all the latest games." Jay said as he walked into the library.
"Shhhhhhhh!" Charmer and Zane said at the same time.
"Heh,heh, sorry." Jay said as he walked out of the library.
Charmer walked into the dojo or training room and found Kai and Lloyd training some of the little kids.
"It's easy. All you have to do is focus. Watch and learn." Kai said as he did a back flip and face planted on the ground. The little kids laughed and so did Charmer.
"Well, kids that's what not to do." Charmer said as she helped Kai up. "Now go to bed. It's past your bedtime."
Kai stared right into Charmer's eyes and said, "Th-Thanks for h-helping me up."
"Um,yeah no problem. You and your friends should probably get to bed. Big day tomorrow."
"Yeah." Kai said. "But has anyone ever told you that you look wonderful." "Um,uh, yes. That's one of the reasons they call me Charmer so, head off to bed." Charmer said pushing Lloyd and Kai out of the training room.
"Cute girl huh?" Kai said to Lloyd.
Lloyd just glared at Kai and walked to his room.
Everyone went to bed, well almost everyone. Charmer was still awake training. Lloyd quietly went to the training room.
"Hello Lloyd." Charmer said not turning around.
Lloyd walked next to Charmer. "Hi."
"What are you doing out of bed?" Charmer asked.
"Well, I couldn't sleep. What are you doing out of bed?" Lloyd said resting his arm against a punching bag.
"It's my masion. I can stay up as long as I want, but I should probably go to bed. I just want to be strong enough. I can't lose anyone else. I'm not weak."
"Charmer, just trust your heart. You'll make it."
"Thanks Lloyd." Charmer said as she gave Lloyd a hug.
Lloyd's eyes widened in surprise. "Yeah, anytime."
Then Charmer and Lloyd went to their rooms and went to bed, but they didn't know Garmadon was watching the whole time and smiled happily.
Charmer talked through an intercom at six in the morning and said, "Wake up."
She could hear everyone groan and then she said, "If you aren't in the dining room in ten minutes, then you don't get breakfast."
Everyone quickly got up and headed to the dining room. The ninja and Garmadon walked into the kitchen to find Sensei Wu quietly sitting in a chair.
"Sensei!" The ninja exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"
"I come here to study and relax and Charmer has the best variety of tea." The rest of the kids and people walked into the dining room. Charmer walked out with 60 pancakes, some eggs, and lots of sausage.
"Enjoy." Charmer said happily.
Everyone ate and then Garmadon,Wu,the ninja, and Charmer got ready to leave for the Lake of Whispers.
"Edward, take care of the children. Make sure they don't mess up the masion OR ELSE. Okay Bye." Charmer said as she went outside.
"Are you guys ready, because we might not survive?"
Charmer said with her most serious face.
"Um, did you say we might not survive?" Jay asked with a squeaky voice.
"I was just kidding, well for the most part. Lets get going." Charmer said as they started walking towards the forest. Charmer got ahead of everyone and Lloyd took his opportunity.
"Hey Charmer!" Lloyd called.
"Um, hi?"
"Just though that you would be lonely so, yeah."
"Well,um,uh, thanks for the company."
"I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner some time?"
"(coughs) What?!? I just meet you?!?"
"No, I didn't mean to be sudden. I just though it would be nice to get to know each other and stuff."
"Maybe ask me when our lives aren't at risk and when we know there will be a tomorrow."
"Sorry I just..."
"No Charmer list..."
"I said shhhh. Something's following us."
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