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Charmer and the ninja meet dragons.
Everyone quickly got quiet. Then a massive lion jumped down off a tree.
"Good evening Charmer. It's been a long time." The lion said with a smirk.
"Blackheart, never thought I'd see you again." Charmer said angrily.
"Don't be feisty now. You used to be like a daughter to me. You were my little henchmen in evil."
"I'm over that Blackheart. I've changed."
"Have you Charmer? Have you really? You know you still have a evil soul within, all you need to do is let it out."
Charmer struggled at the thought, then Lloyd said, "Don't listen to him. You're a kind person. He's just a lie."
"Do you really believe this pathetic fool." Blackheart said circling them. "They're not your friends, they're just pieces of hope soon to be ripped away from you. Come back to me. Be with me again and your life will be ten times better."
Charmer suddenly drew her sword. "No Blackheart. I know you too well. Your life ends now. We can take this the easy way or the hard way."
"Don't be the hero now. You were never the hero and so don't even try."
"I guess you took the hard way." Charmer said as she slashed her sword against his black mane.
"Foolish child. I could have used you, but now you have to die." Blackheart said as he pounced on top of Charmer.
The ninja tried to help Charmer, but Garmadon and Wu held them back.
"She must do this on her own." Wu said calmly.
Charmer created a huge ball of light around her and engulfed the Blackheart inside as well.
"Your evil days are over." Charmer said as Blackheart disappeared.
Charmer fell on the ground and Garmadon quickly rushed over.
"Charmer are you okay?"
"I'm fine. Let's keep going." Charmer said as she got up and continued on her journey.
"Charmer are you sure you don't need a rest?"
"I said I'm fine. I don't need your pity. Lets get moving." Charmer said pulling her hood over her head.
They walked quietly for a while until it got dark.
"We'll camp here." Charmer said setting down her bag.
"Wait, we're going to camp here, at night, in the middle of a random forest?" Jay asked.
"Yeah, is that a problem?" Charmer said setting up multiple tents.
"N-no, not at all."
"Hey Kai?" Charmer asked still setting up the tents.
Kai rushed towards her. "What do you need my princess?"
"Don't call me that. Can you start a fire?"
"Yeah, no problem."
Cole and Jay were fighting over who would sleep in the tent next to Nya.
"Cole, Jay, knock it off, or I'll pummel you. You two share a tent." Charmer said pulling out some food.
"Need help?" Zane asked politely.
"Yeah sure." Charmer said annoyed.
"Have I done something to annoy you?" Zane asked.
"No, Zane. You're a good friend. I just have a lot on my mind right now."
Charmer assigned everyone tents and quietly waited in her tent for dinner.
"Um, Charmer?" Lloyd asked outside the tent.
"Dinner's ready."
"Okay I'll be out soon."
Charmer went and grabbed her food, thanked Zane, and walked back into her tent to eat.
Lloyd's POV
I hope Charmer is alright. She's been distant. That lion must have gotten to her. I was so dumb to ask her to go out this early. I really need to think things through. I walked towards Charmer's tent.
"Hey Charm."
"What, and don't call me Charm, it's Charmer."
"Sorry, Charmer. Can I come in?"
I walked inside and saw Charmer sketching something.
"What do you want?" She said quietly.
"Just wanted to hang out with you. Whatcha sketching?"
Charmer showed me. It was her and Blackheart.
"Charmer tell me what happened between you two." I said calmly.
Charmer sighed and said, "Well, when I figured out I was going to be the silver ninja I ran away and found Blackheart. He took me in and treated me like family. He taught me how to trick people into giving me money. I also charmed people to give me things. I was young back then. I learned that Blackheart was going to sell me to a couple of thugs, so I ran away from him too. I always am quick to judge and get angry, because I don't really trust anyone anymore. I returned back when I heard my brother was captured and entered a contest in which I failed and my brother and friends died in the process. I just ruin everything."
"No you don't. So you've messed up a couple times, it's ok."
"You don't understand." Charmer said burying her head in her knees.
"I don't, so tell me." I said putting his arm around her.
"I am the reason for my parents death."
"The people who killed my parents weren't supposed to kill them. They were supposed to kill me. They wanted my powers and when my parents wouldn't tell them where I was, they killed them and I just sat in my hiding place watching. I should have surrendered to them. If I wasn't born my family would be just fine." Charmer said tears streaming down her cheeks.
I sat there quietly. "Charmer, if you weren't born we wouldn't be talking together and I wouldn't have had the chance to go on such a great adventure."
"And that's a good thing? You could be having the time of your life if I wasn't here."
"Charmer I enjoy hanging out with you. You're my friend and I'll be here every step of the way."
"Thanks Lloyd." Charmer said wiping her tears and embracing me in a tight hug. I sighed with relief and returned the hug. I then walked outside of her tent.
"Did you kiss her?" Jay asked quickly.
"What?!? No! We're just friends! I would ne..."
"You know you like her. You just won't admit it."
"Jay not so loud."
"So you do like Charmer."
"No, I just don't want everyone to die from your annoyance."
"And you said you didn't like girls. You better make your move soon, before Kai gets a hold of her." Jay said.
"Jay just be quiet. So I have a little crush on Charmer. It's no big deal. I'm going to my tent so, bye." I said walking in my tent and drifting off to sleep.
No one's POV
Charmer quickly woke up everyone really early in the morning. They groaned and got up.
"Why do we have to wake up so early?" Jay whined.
"Shhh. I though you guys would want to see this." Charmer said happily.
Wisps of baby elemental dragons flew by. They changed colors and played around.
"This is the baby dragon sancutary. They say if they give you their elemental flower that they are you loyal servants." Wu said turning towards everyone.
A silver dragon walked towards Charmer.
"Um, hi little guy." Charmer said nervously.
The dragon held out a colorful flower.
"Oh, no, I can't. It's not my destiny." Charmer said backing up.
Charmer's POV
"Oh, no, I can't. It's not my destiny." I said backing up.
"You must Charmer. You're the only one that can restore the peace." The dragon said quietly.
"You don't understand. How can I restore peace if I don't have peace in my own life?"
"Is she talking to the dragon?" I heard Lloyd ask.
"Dragons only talk to who they want and only let people they want to hear what they are saying." Garmadon said as a black and white dragon wisped around everyone except me.
I turned my attention back to the young dragon.
"Please Charmer." It begged. "You're our only hope. You're the one and only silver ninja."
I took the flower from the silver dragon's hand and the flower wasn't wisps of smoke anymore and neither was the dragon. The dragon jumped around happily. It turned towards me with its turquosise eyes and said, "I have been waiting to be real."
"How long?"
"About 100 years, but others have waited longer. I knew I would meet you someday. We all get assigned someone, but a lot of us meet them early. Some just have to wait longer. Your friends over there are getting their companions right now."
"What's your name?" I asked patting its head.
"Mistyfire at your service." She said changing colors.
"Nice to meet you Mistyfire. Lets go see my friends." I said walking towards everyone.
No one's POV
"Charmer!" Lloyd said jumping with excitement. "Look at my dragon. His name is Alex."
Charmer gently pet Alex's head.
"Who is this little guy?" Lloyd asked.
"Girl, actually. Her name is Mistyfire."
"Well hey there Mistyfire." Lloyd said moving his hand towards her head. Mistyfire quickly moved away.
"If you think I'm going to let you touch me you're dead wrong. I have to earn your trust lover boy." Mistyfire said staring at him.
"Wh-what do y-you mean lover boy?" Lloyd stuttered and his face turned red.
"Look you can't hide it from me. I know you like Charmer. I have all the elements Charmer has, that includes reading minds."
Charmer looked at Lloyd.
"I have to go check on Jay. I think he um, uh, might need me." Lloyd said his face still red as he left.
"Mistyfire." Charmer said. "Keep your thoughts to yourself next time. I can see why they call you Mistyfire."
A red dragon walked towards Charmer.
"Are you Charmer?" The little dragon asked.
"Yeah why?"
"My owner Kai won't stop talking about you. He's all like, then we'll name our children Gary and..."
"Blazer!" Kai yelled.
"Oops." Blazer said. "I'm right here."
Kai ran to Blazer. "Blazer what have I told you don't talk about, oh hey Charmer how's it going? I'm assuming you've met Blazer, the misbehaving little dragon who tells my secrets."
"Yes I have met Blazer, the cute fire dragon." Charmer said petting him.
"Who's this?" Kai asked trying to pet Mistyfire, but she gave him a warning growl.
"This is Mistyfire, my cute lifelong companion."
"She's got a little fire." Kai said petting Blazer.
"If you think I like you I don't. I will never be friends with a hotheaded fire ninja." Mistyfire snapped.
Kai looked at Mistyfire in shock.
"Well now little Mistyfire, I'm a nice guy."
Mistyfire just sat quietly and gave Kai the stare down. Kai eventually walked away with Blazer.
"Mistyfire. Is there anyone you won't get mad at." Charmer said petting her.
"Well there is one." Mistyfire said walking towards Zane.
Mistyfire sat right in front of Zane.
"Well hello little one. What is your name?" Zane said petting her.
"Mistyfire. Pleased to meet you Zane." Mistyfire said waving her tail around.
"Mind reading abilities?"
"Correct, I also have all the elements as Charmer."
"I'm guessing you are Charmer's companion then?"
"Yup. She's coming right now."
Charmer walked towards Zane.
"Hey Zane, how's it going?"
"Good. Your little friend. Is very sweet. I would also like you to meet my companion, Fritz."
"Aw, he is so cute." Charmer said petting the little bright, white ice dragon.
"I'm more than cute." Fritz said jumping up.
"You're right. You are probably the smartest dragon alive."
"Hey!" Mistyfire cried. "I'm smart too."
"Yes you are Mistyfire." Charmer said petting her.
Then an electric blue dragon ran into Charmer.
"Please help me! Jay has been talking his head off and I can't make him stop. I might die of annoyance. He is the most annoying human I have ever met. When he starts talking it's like he can't ever stop. All I wanted to do was have a nice little chat, but that soon turned into a talk show and..."
"We get it, he talks a lot. You're the right dragon for him Zap trap."
Mistyfire said annoyed.
"Zap trap! My name is Strut." Strut said tackling Mistyfire.
"Hey!" Charmer said pulling them apart. "There's no need for violence. Mistyfire apologize."
"But I didn't..."
"Sorry Strut."
"Me too Mistyfire." Strut said quietly.
"Strut!" Jay yelled. "Where are you?"
"You two humans please help me." Strut said running behind them.
"Hey Jay, he's over here." Mistyfire called.
"Uh, Mistyfire. He's going to talk me to death." Strut said.
Jay ran towards them. "Strut there you are. I thought I lost you."
Cole ran towards them with his black earth dragon.
"Looks like you found your annoying little friend ." Cole said with a chuckle.
"Hey!" Strut said. "I'm not annoying as Jay."
"Yeah right Strut. You' ve been annoying me for 100 years. It can't get any worse than you." The young black dragon said.
"Good job Rocky Jr." Cole sat.
"Rocky Jr.?" Charmer, Jay, and Zane said.
"What? Is that a problem?" Cole said.
"No it's cute." Charmer said as Cole blushed.
"It is cute huh." Cole said.
"Charmer may I have a word with you?" Wu said walking towards her.
"Come with me." He said as the walked in to a tent.
"Charmer, we need you to come back with us after we finish this mission. Your role as the silver ninja is important. You must also train with Lloyd, because in the prophecy the silver and green ninja do spinjitzu together. They are big parts in creating peace in the havoc of the world."
Charmer sat quietly and pulled her hood over her head.
"Sensei Wu I can't. I know that it's important, but I'm not ready for such a task. What if I mess up and the whole world has something bad happen to it because of me? I have failed too many times. I am not worthy of being the silver ninja."
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