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Rated: E · Other · Action/Adventure · #2156171
They get Morro's brother.
Kai growled in anger and Lloyd just gave Morro the death glare.
"Okay Morro let's go get your brother." Charmer said opening a door with a portal.
"I must warn you, this town is no place for a lady. I suggest you lay low. Let me do most of the talking." Morro said with a worried look.
"Okay Morro, I will." She said.
"Wait!" Kai and Lloyd said. "We're coming with you."
"Okay." Morro said with no expression. "I don't control what you do."
Then they all walked through the portal. They entered a gloomy ally way.
"Here." Morro said handing Charmer his hood. "We gotta lay low. Kai and Lloyd wear these." he said handing them some gray hoods.
"Are you always this prepared?" Lloyd asked.
"When you live here, you have to be." Morro said putting on a black hood. "Okay follow me." He said as he walked casually towards a store.
They walked to the back of the store.
"If we take this back route it will be safer." He said almost to the door.
"Well what do we have here?" A big thug- like guys huffed from behind.
"Nothing." Morro said calmly his back still to the thug. "Just a couple of folks passing through."
"Really, cause you guys look likes a couple of twerps."
Morro turned around and glared at him. He stumbled back.
"S-sorry, I thought you was someone else. I ain't the guy to pick on you." He said leaving the store in a hurry.
"Wow Morro, that was cool." Charmer said squeezing his hand.
Morro scratched the back of his neck. "Nah, I just have a reputation around here. Everyone knows me. They know I'll beat them up if they start a fight. I try to stay out of fights, you know to set a good example for my lil' bro."
"You must be a great brother."
"I try." He said walking out of the the back door of the store.
They walked until they got to a small house. Morro knocked on the door and a big gangster looking guy opened the door."
"Morro, welcome back. Looks like you brought some friends. They bunkin' here tonight?"
"Nah, they live at the new place I found that Tony and I can live for a while."
"Well come in."
They walked inside to be greeted by a bunch of guys.
"Do you guys all live here?" Charmer asked.
Morro looked embarrassed. "Yeah." He said quietly.
Charmer put her hand on his shoulder. "It's okay. I'm not judging you."
Morro smiled and then got tackled by a little kid.
"You're back. That was quicker than usual." The kid said happily.
"Well I did have some help." Morro said gesturing towards Charmer.
Charmer smiled and waved.
"A girl? The great and powerful Morro had help from a girl?" The kid said with a chuckle.
Morro got up. "Charmer, this is Tony. Tony, Charmer."
"Hi." Charmer said ruffling Tony's black hair.
"Hey! Watch the hair." He said fixing his hair.
"Sorry." Charmer said.
"Well Tony pack up your stuff, cause we have a place." Morro said with a smile.
Tony hugged Morro. "Your the best." He said as he hurried off to pack his stuff.
"It'll be just a sec." Morro said.
"Take your time." Charmer said sitting on the couch next to Lloyd.
"Looks like some people have been jealous lately." Charmer said elbowing Lloyd and looking at Kai.
"Do you like Morro?" Lloyd asked quickly.
"Maybe." Charmer said with a smirk.
Morro's POV
Wow, Charmer looks better than the last time I saw her. Well, she always looked good.
"Tony. Hurry up." I said.
"Ok." He called.
Will she ever like me back? No, who could like a poor guy like me? Don't tell yourself that Morro, she probably likes you. "Yeah right." I mumbled under my breath. "Come on, now your talking to yourself."
Tony came to me with his backpack of belongings and I finished getting my backpack of stuff.
"Let's go." I said to Tony as we walked out to where Charmer, Lloyd, and Kai were.
"You ready?" She said as I gazed into her brown eyes. "Hello?"
I shook my head. "Yeah, wait. Let me say good bye to my friends." Me and Tony said our good byes and walked out the door.
"How long will it take to get there?" Tony asked.
"Just a second." Charmer said as she created a portal.
"Ladies first." I said kindly.
"Ah, age before beauty." She said.
Me and her kept arguing like that until Tony said, "Okay I'll go." He said walking through the portal.
We laughed and walked through the portal.
No one's POV
They appeared half a mile from the mansion.
"Still working on my portals. Sorry guys." Charmer said walking.
"It's okay." They said in unison.
Charmer saw Lloyd and Morro having a glare down while they were walking.
"Okay." She said walking between them. "What do you guys have against each other?"
"Well, let me think. Oh yeah, he possessed me." Lloyd said angrily.
"Oh yeah! Well you took my my rightful place as the green ninja."
Morro said trying to keep his cool.
"That doesn't mean you possess somebody!" Lloyd yelled creating an energy ball.
"Hey!" Charmer said kicking the energy ball out of Lloyd's hand and evaporating it. "I get it, but the past is past, if we dwell on it we may destroy what our future could become."
"She's starting to sound like Wu." Kai mumbled.
"Kai! I hope you meant that as a complement!" Charmer said giving him a threatening glare.
"Let's go!" Charmer shouted as she started walking.
Morro's eyes widened in surprise.
"You don't want to get on her angry side." Lloyd whispered.
"I can see that." Morro said as Tony clutched to him. "It's okay. Let's go catch up."
They all caught up to Charmer and they got to the mansion. She opened the door and stormed to her room. Garmadon greeted Morro, Tony, Lloyd, and Kai.
"What's wrong with Charmer?"
"We may have done some things to anger her." Lloyd said quietly.
"I see. Maybe Zane can calm her down." Garmadon said as her motioned for Zane to go.
Zane walked up the stairs to Charmer's room and knocked on her door.
"Go away Lloyd."
"It's Zane."
"What do you want?"
"Can I come in?"
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I just got a little angry."
"Do you want to go to the library and read some books to calm down?"
"I guess." She said as the walked to the library.
She walked in to find Morro sitting in her chair reading a book. Zane motioned to Morro that it was Charmer's chair. Morro started to get up when she said, "It's okay Morro. You can read there."
"No, I can move really."
"Morro, you are sitting in that chair right now." She said as she plopped on a bean bag chair and started reading.
Morro smiled and sat back down and started reading again.
Morro's POV
I fell down the stairs....again.
"Morro, what's with you?" Jay asked "That's the third time today."
"I don't know. I guess my mind has been somewhere else. By the way, do you know where Charmer is?"
"Ah." Jay said.
"What?" I asked confused.
"You mister, are in love with the one and only Charmer."
My face grew red. "Wh-what?!? N-no never." I stuttered.
"Sure whatever you say. I guess I'll go tell Charmer then." Jay said walking up the stairs.
I quickly grabbed Jay's shirt. "Okay, okay, I like her. There happy?"
"Not quite."
I sighed with annoyance and groaned, "What else is there?"
"Why did I ever agree to this?" I said putting on armor and a mask.
"Because you didn't want me to spoil your secret." Jay said. "Now go over there and put the apple on your head."
I walked by a tree and put the apple on my head. You guessed it, William Tel. I was kind of nervous. Jay probably is going to hurt me on purpose.
"Okay, just hurry up and go." I said annoyed.
"Oh, I'm not the one shooting."
"Who is?" I asked nervously.
Then Lloyd ran over, looked at me, and grinned.
"I'm dead." I said as Lloyd positioned his arrow.
Lloyd let go of the arrow and I saw it hurling towards me and was getting closer and closer to the middle of my face. I winced, but was surprised that it was hovering just before my face. Charmer walked over and didn't look too happy.
"WHAT WERE YOU GUYS THINKING?" Charmer yelled breaking the arrow.
"We were just playing." Lloyd said.
"He had on armor." Lloyd said quietly.
"Sorry." We all said.
"Ugh, boys!" She said walking away.
"There goes my chance." I heard Lloyd whisper.
"Chance for what?" I asked.
"His chance with Charmer." Jay blurted out.
Lloyd gave Jay a threatening glare. He liked Charmer? He doesn't seem to show it in my opinion.
"I think I've got to check on Tony." I said rushing inside.
I bumped into Charmer on the way inside.
"HEY, WHY DID YOU...., oh it's just you Morro. Sorry for yelling." Charmer said helping me up.
"Shouldn't I be the one helping you up?" I asked.
"Yeah, but that's okay. Do you want to go get some ice cream?"
My face started heating up. "Um, uh, yeah. Where are we going to get the ice cream?"
"Portal." Charmer said happily.
"Um, last time, we ended up half a mile away from the mansion."
"Well that's why I need practice." Charmer said as she opened a portal.
I looked at it nervously. "Are you sure?"
"Oh, come on you big baby." She said pulling me by the hand into the portal with her.
We ended up at the front door of an ice cream shop. I looked down and she was still holding my hand and I blushed. She looked down and slightly blushed.
"Sorry." She said quickly pulling her hand away. "Well, I did pretty good this time."
"I guess you did." I said opening the door for her.
We walked inside and got our ice cream and talked.
Lloyd's POV
Where is she? I've looked everywhere for her. I bought these flowers for her and I was going to apologize about earlier. I looked for Morro and he wasn't around either.
"Nooooooo!" I yelled out loud.
"What is it Lloyd?" Cole and Zane asked.
"Charmer and Morro are gone, coincidence, I think not." I said angrily.
"Who's the flowers for?" Jay said as he walked into the living room.
"Um, uh, no one in particular." I said my face reddening.
"More like Charmer." Cole snickered.
"N-no." I said stuttering.
"Yeah right. We all know you like her." Jay said.
"Every time you are around her your heart rate increases and you stutter. Those are signs of liking someone, or as you guys call it, crushing." Zane added.
"Alright, alright. I'm trying to find Charmer so I can apologize about earlier."
Mistyfire walked in the living room with the rest of the dragons close behind. "So many children. They wouldn't stop." Mistyfire breathed.
"Do you know where Charmer is?" I asked.
"She's getting ice cream with Morro." Mistyfire said exhausted.
"No, this can't be happening!" I panicked
"What can't be happening?" Kai said as he sat by Blazer on the couch.
"Charmer's getting ice cream with Morro." I said.
"WHAT?!?" Kai yelled making everyone jump.
"Ok calm down. We just have to find a way to get rid of Morro." I said.
"What?" Tony asked walking in. "You want to get rid of my brother? He's the only family I have."
I looked into his eyes and felt sadness go through my body.
"We won't get rid of your brother." I said touching him on the shoulder. "There's just a little love thing going on."
"Morro really likes Charmer, but he thinks she won't like him because he's poor and everyone hates him for what he's done in the past." Tony said petting Mistyfire.
We were all quiet for a moment, then I said," I'm still going to give her these flowers."
Morro's POV
We walked around for a while after we ate our ice cream. I decided to ask her something.
"Hey Charmer?" I asked nervously.
"This was fun. Maybe I could take you out some time?" My heart was racing. She would probably decline.
"I would like that." She said giving me a little push.
"Yes!" I said and started doing a little happy dance.
"I'll just pretend that didn't happen." She said holding back a laugh.
My face turned red hot with embarrassment. I forgot she was watching.
"Let's head back." She said opening a portal.
We both walked through and ended up in the living room, which all the ninja, Tony, and the dragons were talking.
"Whoa, where did you guys come from?" Cole asked.
"We were just getting some ice cream." Charmer answered.
I saw Lloyd was hiding some thing behind his back. He walked up to Charmer and handed her some flowers. "Sorry about earlier." He said.
"Me too, for yelling." She said giving him a small hug.
There was a chorus of "Awwwww" from everyone and a growl from Mistyfire.
"Um, Lloyd." Charmer said.
She handed him the flowers. "I'm allergic to flowers."
Everyone laughed, except Lloyd because he was too busy face palming.
"Look Charmer, I didn't know..."
"It's fine Lloyd. Now you do." Charmer said sitting on the couch.
I sat next to her and we all watched a movie.
Charmer's POV
I was sleeping peacefully, until my alarm blared loudly. I groaned and turned it off. Today was my birthday, but I haven't celebrated my birthday in a long time. I got ready for the day and walked downstairs. I got out a bowl and put some cereal in it.
"What do you think you're doing?" Edward asked.
"I'm getting some breakfast, what does it look like?"
"On your birthday?"
"You remembered." I said giving him a hug.
"How could I forget. Now go wait in the living room while I make breakfast."
I walked into the living room and sat down, then everyone jumped out of nowhere and said, "Happy Birthday!"
"How did you guys know?"
"Edward informed us." Morro said handing me a box of chocolate.
I gave Morro a quick kiss and thanked him. His face went bright red and he quickly turned away from everyone.
"So cute." Misako, Garmadon, and Wu said as Kai and Lloyd gave a disapproving look. The children giggled and the rest of the ninja just sat there. The dragons were on the other side of the room hiding from the children.
"Okay enough of that." Edward said walking in. "Breakfast is ready."
Everyone quickly rushed to the dining room. There was strawberry french toast and waffles. There was also sausage and Edward's homemade biscuits.
"Edward, thank you so much." I said sitting down.
Lloyd and Kai quickly sat by me before Morro could. Morro gave them an evil glare and sat by Tony and Cole. Wu and Edward stood behind Lloyd and Kai.
"Ahem." Wu and Edward said. "We are going to sit there."
"But we..." Lloyd and Kai protested.
"Need to move. Yes." Wu said as they moved and Edward and Wu sat down.
Everyone ate happily and chatted.
Kai's POV
"Charmer!" I called.
"Yes." She said turning around.
"I have a present for you, but you have to follow me."
"Ok." She said as she followed me.
I hope she likes it. I spent quite a while doing this. We walked until we got to a part of the forest.
"Ok, close your eyes." I told her as she closed them and I guided her to the spot. "Ok, now open your eyes."
She opened her eyes and said, "Kai this is amazing."
It was nighttime and there was a picnic set up for us and wisps of fire went around us.
"Shall we?" I asked taking her hand.
We sat down and ate. She looked so amazing and after we took a walk through some of the forest.
Lloyd's POV
"Dad, have you seen Charmer?" I asked.
"Sorry haven't seen her." He said from the training room.
"Okay, thanks anyway." I said as I bumped into Morro. "Have you seen Charmer?"
"I was going to ask you the same thing." Morro said getting up. "I had a surprise for her, but I couldn't find her."
"You had a surprise for her? I had a surprise for her."
"Well sorry, because mine is better. I'm tired of you always taking my spotlight." Morro said as Mistyfire walked in and sat on the couch.
"In your dreams ghost boy. Mine will blow Charmer away." I said clenching my fist.
"Ghost boy?!? I'm clearly human right now." Morro said defensively. "Now I need to go find Charmer."
"If you guys are looking for Charmer, I saw her walk into the forest with Kai." Mistyfire said flicking her tail.
"What?!? Can you show us where?" I asked.
"I suppose. I have nothing to do anyway. If I see Kai kissing her, I'm going to burn him to a pile of ashes before he can say sorry." Mistyfire said getting up. "Follow me."
Morro and I followed Mistyfire until we got to where Charmer and Kai were talking at the edge of a riverbank. We decided to listen in on their conversation.
"This was wonderful Kai." Charmer said quietly.
Kai "stretched" and put his arm around Charmer.
"This was a nice night." Then she kissed Kai on the cheek. Kai then embraced her in a hug. She smiled and hugged him back.
I could hear Mistyfire growling and then Charmer and Kai both turned around. Kai's face was red and so was Charmer's.
"We you guys spying on us?" They both said.
"No, not at all, well, kind of." I said nervously. "But I can explain."
"Okay then, explain." Charmer said.
"Morro and I had a surprise for you and so we asked Mistyfire to show us where you were, and then we kind of listened in to you and Kai's conversation."
Zane then ran into the forest. "Guys there's an emergency!"
"What is it?" We all said.
"Cole is about to eat Charmer's birthday cake!"
"WHAT?!?" We all screamed as they ran inside.
"Cole stop right there." Charmer said entering the kitchen.
Cole turned around innocently. "What do you mean?"
"Step away from the cake. I repeat, step away from the cake."
Cole sighed and stepped away. "I just really wanted some cake." Cole whined.
"We will in a second, now go get everyone and tell them we are going to have cake."
No one's POV
"Wow, this cake is good." Charmer said. "Who made it?"
"I did." Zane said.
"Zane, you should cook more often, no offense to you Edward." Charmer said.
"Oh, none taken." Edward said taking a bite.
"Is there anymore?" Tony asked with his face covered in chocolate.
Charmer smiled and said, "I think that's enough for one night."
"Okay." Tony and the other kids sighed.
"Now you young ones go wash up and get to bed." Charmer said finishing her cake.
"Ah, but Charmer." They whined.
"No, arguing. Just get to bed."
They nodded and went to the bathrooms to wash up.
"You're good with kids." Morro said picking up some of the dishes.
"Nah, they just know I'll take away game time if they don't listen." Charmer said getting her dishes. "Also, thanks for helping clean up."
"Anytime." Morro said bringing the dishes to the kitchen as Charmer followed with more dishes. "Charmer?"
"Here." He said taking a pale green dragon necklace out of his pocket. "I got it for your birthday."
"Thanks Morro." She said giving him a hug.
Jay walked in while they were hugging. "Whoa, I picked the wrong time to walk in."
"Then leave." Charmer said with a smirk.
"I will." Jay said about to leave, then he said, "Can I grab my pudding cup?"
"Hurry up Jay. Morro and I were in the middle of something."
Jay walked as slowly as possible. Charmer ignored him and gave Morro a kiss. Morro's face went redder than Kai's gi.
"Aw, come on. Did you really have to do that in front of me?" Jay said.
"You were taking forever. It was your choice to even come in here." Charmer said as she started to wash dishes.
Lloyd walked in and saw Charmer and Morro washing dishes. "Charmer don't worry, I'll do those dishes."
"Thanks Lloyd." Charmer said giving him a quick hug and then she walked out of the room.
"Jealous Morro." Lloyd said washing a plate.
"Not really, considering that she gave me a hug and kiss." Morro said putting away some cups.
"(Coughs) Um, excuse me I think something was in my ear. Did you say she gave you a hug *and* a kiss?"
"Yeah, anyway, let's finish these dishes." Morro said washing a pot.
Lloyd got really angry. "Well, I've got to go give Charmer something so, I'll be back."
Lloyd went looking for Charmer. He saw her chatting with Cole about rock climbing.
"Hey Charmer, I got this for you." Lloyd said pulling out a gold and silver bracelet.
"Thanks Lloyd." She said as she put it on.
Lloyd still stood there.
"Do you need something?" Charmer asked.
"Um, uh, no." Lloyd said rushing back to the kitchen.
# Christmas Time
### (Ronin is sixteen, so is everyone else.)
*Ding Ding*
"I got it." Charmer yelled, rushing to the door.
She opened the door and Ronin was standing there. "Hi, how's it going Charmer?"
"(Groans) What are you doing here?"
"Edward invited me." Ronin said walking inside.
"I'm going to kill Edward." Charmer said walking into the living room.
"Yes, Charmer?"
"Why did you have to invite Ronin, you know I despise him?"
"Well, opposites attract." Edward said sitting on the couch.
"Okay, I love him, he's the best in the world. Can you never invite him again?"
"You just declared your love for him, you must be together."
"Edward, I've told you this a million times, Ronin and I are NOT meant for each other."
"Well, he's staying here till the day after Christmas."
"THAT'S FIVE DAYS!" Charmer yelled.
"Please calm down. You'll have fun." Edward said leaving the living room.
Charmer rushed up stairs and bumped into Morro.
"Sorry Morro." Charmer said getting up.
"Oh, don't worry about it, but there is one thing you have to do before you leave."
Morro pointed up and smirked.
"Mistletoe, I should have guessed Jay put some everywhere."
She pulled Morro into a kiss, and right at that moment Lloyd walked by.
"WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?" Lloyd yelled.
"Kissing, what does it look like?" Charmer said.
"Why?" Lloyd asked.
"Do you think I chose to do this? There was mistletoe, so yeah, I kind of had too." Charmer said glaring at the mistletoe. "Also, Ronin is going to stay here until after Christmas."
"WHAT, THAT'S FIVE DAYS!" Lloyd and Morro exclaimed.
"That's what I said." Charmer said walking downstairs.
"Where are you going?" Lloyd asked.
"Outside, where there is no chance of meeting Ronin under mysterious mistletoe."
"I'm coming." Lloyd said.
"Me too." Morro called.
Just as Charmer was about to walk outside, Ronin was waiting by the front door, which had mistletoe.
"Never mind. I guess I'll stay in the living room." Charmer said as she walked in the living room.
"Not so fast." Cole said.
"What now?" Charmer exclaimed.
Cole pointed up.
"I was hoping to catch Nya, but you're cute too." Cole said waiting.
"Fine." Charmer said pulling Cole into a kiss.
"Cole, you evil soul." Lloyd hissed.
"Hey, be nice. Cole has feelings too. He's also kinda cute." Charmer said sitting on the couch.
Morro and Lloyd quickly rushed to sit by Charmer, by she sat by Cole instead.
"Hey!" Lloyd and Morro said. "We were going to sit by you."
"Too bad." Charmer said with a smirk.
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