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I can manipulate time and fight for justice against the main villain.
My name is Ruby Clock, which is a powerful coincidence because my last name is Clock and I am able to manipulate time. I can travel to the future as well as the past. Born in 1930, I was captured in the powerful storm that caused everyone to become different in their abilities. I can travel through time without difficulty. I will be looking for and chasing the villain, IL Zuko.
I am out for justice and being the super hero I will be victorious in my accomplishments. I of course will team up with various other super heroes
to fight for justice for all concerned victims of minor or major crimes. As I look the streets of this new land we have crashed on due to the major storm we have encountered. I will travel to 2018 to find Zuko and when I find him I will bring him back to 1939 where he will be tried for crimes against humanity.


We crashed on the planet in the year 2018, where I was able to travel in time, I got after the Man Zuko, who is a powerful villain. I will capture him and bring him back to 1939, because that is when he committed such dastardly crimes during a world war on the planet earth. I will see to it that he is captured and jailed to do hard labor for the rest of his life. I will capture him although I am but a young girl of nine years old. I have such super hero powers that my age doesn't matter. I will get him and he will pay.


I saw him, he is being hid by some friends in the area of South America
on Planet earth. His friends will not be victorious against me. I am a winner and I will bring him back to pay for his crimes. I traveled to Brazil, where he has been spotted and some of my cohorts have told me he has been seen. I went to the home of a man who I knew was a criminal master mind during the world war. I, being a young girl of only nine, can sneak in and they will not suspect me being the person who will capture him and bring him to justice. I saw him in the back room of the house he did not see me come in to the room so I came up beside him, put some cuffs on his wrist, and then said to him we would be going back to visit his crimes, where he would be tried and convicted of his crimes.


All I had to do was click my heals and say where and when I wanted to go and held his wrist against mine, where we were connected by hand cuffs.
We magically ended up from 2018 to 1939. The Planet earth. I took him to the place where he committed his crimes and he was surely taken to the court where after a quick trial he was convicted of crimes against humanity.
They gave him life in prison with hard labor. I was quite happy with the results of the trial. It took me a very small amount of time to capture him and to get him back to where he would be brought to justice.
I myself ended back in the year of 1985, which was my most favorite year.
I am able to travel any time I'd like and that is where I choose to stay for now.
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