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by Eric
Rated: E · Poetry · Tragedy · #2156284
The toll our soul and body takes from the painful things we bottle within
He tells her look into my eyes
Past the color, the features
He asks her to look deeper,
To be a soul seeker

But what does she see
That makes her feel weaker
Drops to her knees
So hurt and beaten
From the saddness she sees
His soul full of pain and sorrow that nobody sees.
His soul scarred and ripped, still he doesn't bleed.

On the surface he hides it,
He don't want her to worry,
Everyday he stays strong and covers it,
Tells her he loves her
And burys it.

Back to the present,
She's crying now,
Feeling his pain asking how?
He sighs
Tells her not worry.
Wipes her tears

Two weeks later her worst fear
The pain and struggle got to real
He's gone now.

Her eyes blurry
He said not worry,
The love she had for him was overwhelming,
This pain clinging.
She looks to him screaming
Her pain, to much
Now its the ending
Side by side, she joins him
Set free and painless.

Moral: Always try to talk about your problems, because you never know when it can get to overwhelming for you or someone near you! #SoulSeeker see what's inside it might not always be what's outside! Try to help before its to late.
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