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When serial blasts destroy their father's company, two boys set out to catch the culprit.
Amalasanda Wolff was a pre-eminent personality in the industrially advanced city of Berlin, for he was the owner of the Wolff Inc. establishment which manufactured the most wonderful cars in town. His cars were regarded as technical wonders by the people of Berlin. They saw him as the most honest face in town. But he had a secret no one knew of- he had a twin brother.
It all begun one fine morning in Berlin. Our friend, Mr.Wolff, had woken up to the news that his headquarters had been wrecked in an explosion. The causes of the explosion were unknown. He had broken into a fit of rage and had vented his anger on his household which had eventually resulted in him firing two of his male servants and three maid-servants. His twin sons, Abelard and Adalard , his only family, had done everything in their power to control their father but to no avail. He had been mortified by the loss of his treasured headquarters.
The police tried everything but all they found at the crime scene was moccasin with the letter 'R' embroidered on it. This failure of the police enraged Amalasanda a lot as according to him-"My life depends on it."
This whole affair had unsettled the twins a lot. They knew quite well that Wolff Inc. was their family's only source of income. Now, you might say, how does the elimination of one workplace affect the establishment? But as a matter of fact, news had just come in that a number of serial blasts had occurred at all the numerous branches the company had. This had confirmed the twin's doubts that someone was resolute on the downfall of their father's company. They decided to take matters into their own hands and decipher this very mysterious affair.

"Very well!" ,cried Abelard, as he sat examining the moccasin, " we have promised to solve this mystery and we do not know where to begin!"
"That is very true" ,said Adalard, "but we do know that this moccasin belongs to a man name Vardy Yu", he finished with a grin. On Abelard's blank expression, he further explained-"According to folklore, only one such moccasin remains. They are believed to be created by the Ramapan tribe, and the only piece is in the custody of an antique collector named Vardy Yu. If we are to get any lead into this case, it has to be from this man. We must track him down."
Now, it happened to be that Amalasanda's second brother was a part of the police. So the twins contacted him and enquired if he had any information of a man named Vardy Yu. But their uncle never replied to this request of theirs.
So they decided to meet him face to face. When he saw them at his doorstep, their uncle turned pale and stammered-"Co-me in my d-e-a-r kids!" He offered them some food and told them that he was a junior and had no access to public records.
This annoyed Abelard because he was looking forward to meeting this man called Vardy Yu.
They left their uncle and returned home and saw that their was a peculiar looking sedan parked at their doorstep. They rushed into their house and found their father slumping in a chair with something red on his chest, and his eyes shut. Adalard gasped.
He was dead. No sign of a murderer and yet in front of their eyes, there lay their father, dead.
Abalard rushed to his uncle to give him the news while Adalard rushed to the police station to inform them of the murder.
They both returned to their house an hour later with interesting stories. " I went to our uncle's house only to find out that he had left for a trip and would return only a month later.", explained Abalard. "But we only saw him a couple of hours back. He surely didn't depart during that interval", exclaimed Adalard. "I have some news as well. I arrived at the police station to find out that the police had tracked Vardy Yu down, but only, he isn't an antique collector, but a criminal hiding in Paris!
Half an hour later, the boys were at the airport, where a chartered flight was to take them to Paris. They were at the verge of boarding the plane when a ball came flying through the air and landed right next to Abalard.
"Strange!", exclaimed Abalard, "I though there were no basketball courts nearby! And there's a note with it.
They read the note and their hands trembled as they finished reading it. The note was as follows-

Abalard and Adalard,
Keep out of other's business. Stop investigating this case if you know what is good for you. Stay out of this and you shall not be harmed. Otherwise, there shall be consequences.
Your Father.

The boys shook with fright. They had just seen their father dead or had they?

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