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The fictional demise of a beautiful young lady in a frozen lake.
Mary Rose

Barren as a lonely soul
was the Minnesota lake.
Water in an icy hole,
one more life for Death to take.

Someone's there but far away,
a ghost from the abyss.
Shoes in lonely disarray,
snow blowing with a hiss.

A murder victim frozen
in a chilling deathly pose.
The gravesite had been chosen
for the lovely Mary Rose.

This lover lay in silence
for evil had its way.
From argument to violence,
cold and stiff her body lay.

Now Mary was a fine girl,
quite lovely to behold.
Transcendence in this fine pearl
too pretty to lay cold.

Legend says you can hear her
when the winds howl 'cross the lake.
As the midnight sirens stir
and keep your soul awake.

Finch the light
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