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Being adult enough and brave enough to erase a lifetime of mistaken beliefs.
The fog of ignorance.
We live in such a state and, quite often, we are unaware of the manipulation caused by ignorance. Many years ago, at the birth of my son, a well-meaning friend gave my wife, then, a plaque for the child's room. It read, in part, “… if I should die before I wake, I pray my soul the Lord to take...” My wife, being a lot smarter and more intuitive than I am, refused to place it in my son's room. She said that she would not have her child going to sleep with such thoughts. And here, all along, under the guise of religion, I failed to see the horror of that so-called prayer.
The fog of ignorance is all about believing in a vengeful deity that would kill... an all-powerful deity that demanded compliance… a man in the clouds that enjoys having his ego stroked constantly… a man who is on record for having murdered women, children and destroyed cities… The mechanism to impart the will of such a deity is called religion.
But then, there's clarity for those who challenge the fog of ignorance. In being brave and ignoring a lifetime of mistaken beliefs we, as free-thinkers, in lifting the veil of stupidity recognize that the sages since time began were simply expressing their thoughts. It has always been about the messages and never were about the messengers. The principles have always been the same, even the people; the mortals came and went. We, in lifting the fog of ignorance, realize that we have always been wrong about the sages, and, in worshiping the messengers, we ignored the messages. 500 years before there was a Jesus, there were Confucius and Buddha… and a thousand years before them we had Akhenaten; the creator of the one God theory. Messengers all, sharing the same messages.
It is only when we lift the veil of ignorance, I believe, do we begin to see that the God we seek has always been right here and right now. Has always been inside of each of us. In the end, this observation; my observation, should be challenged and you should think for yourself. No one can live your veil of ignorance but you. It takes courage and intelligence.
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