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Rated: E · Sample · Fantasy · #2156428
Fantasy story I am currently trying to complete about pirates and immortality.

The Tale of Victoria Blackwood

He stood there looking up to see a womanly figure standing above him. The sun blocked his view of her face, yet her face would be hard to see, since it hides under a hat. He raised his hand over his eyes to try to block the sun out, but it didn't help. She stood before him, her hands on her hips.

"May I ask why you are aboard my ship?" The girl's voice was stern, but yet had a melody to it. He stood to his feet quickly, brushing off his clothes. He turned his head only to find the ship's crew closing in behind him. He then felt a cold blade touching his neck. He slowly turned his head back to face the girl with his hands up. He looked at her from head to toe. She was wearing a long black coat that flared out at the bottom. She was wearing a belt around the waist and the top was closed, fitting to her torso. He noticed she was wearing black leather gloves that went up to her elbows. The sleeves of her coat were tucked into her gloves, and her coat had a neatly folded collar. He continued to look her up and down, while she held the sword to his neck.

"I am going to ask you again, stranger." She pressed the sword against his neck a little harder. "Why are you aboard my ship?" He could see her lips, they were painted a dark maroon. Her skin looked so perfect, from what he could see. Her hair was long and black with large curls. He sighed, closing his eyes.

"I came here in hopes of finding The Shadow, also known as the Pirate Lord, Victoria Blackwood." The girl pressed the sword a little harder onto the man's neck.

"What is it you want with her?" The girl asked. The man nodded his head and took a deep breath.

"I need her help. And if she helps me, in return she will receive an award for her services." The girl nodded and pulled the sword back.

"Very well." She turned to face the door behind her. "Follow me." The man nodded and looked around him. The crew were all giving him a mean look. He just nervously smiled and quickly made his way into the door behind the girl. Once the door was shut, he watched as the strange girl walk over to a desk. She pulled off her hat, revealing a young woman of impeccable beauty. The man was in awe of her. She began to take her gloves off, and then proceeded to start unbuttoning her coat. She looked over to the man and gestured him to sit.

"Please, sit down." The man watched the young woman take off her coat as he made his way to the chair. The young woman turned around. Her outfit made his jaw drop. You could see the she had the perfect hourglass figure. She was wearing a white long-sleeve tunic. Around her torso, she was wearing a black corset with a belt that had a knife and medical pouches around her waist. She was wearing black leather arm guards. He looked down at her legs to see she was wearing black tights with black leather boots that laced up. She poured her and him a large glass of rum.

"What is your name, stranger?" The woman asked as she sat down in front of him. She took a large swig from her glass, and then continued to look him in the eyes. Her eyes were a piercing blood red.

"My name is Damon Hayes, they call me The Barbarian." Damon took a swig from his glass. The woman sighed and finished off her drink. As she started to pour herself another drink, she looked up at Damon.

"Hello Damon, my name is Victoria Blackwood, also known as The Shadow." She spoke with such a deep mute tone with a smirk on her face. She took another large swig from her glass, Damon finished off his drink. Victoria poured him another and filled her glass back to the top.

"So Damon, tell me what you need my help with." Victoria started to rearrange her desk. Damon reached down into his satchel and pulled out a map. He pointed to spot where it was circled.

"Here is where I believe there is too be the hideout of Auron Lucius." Victoria gasped at the name. She gave Damon a frightened look.

"You mean the Dark Lord?" Victoria's voice sounded shaken. Damon was confused on her demeanor change to sound of Auron's name.

"You have heard of this man then?" He asked, as he took another swig from his drink. Victoria just nodded and stood from her chair. She walked to the window and looked out to the docks.

"Auron Lucius is not his real name. His real name is Auron Blackwood. He is my uncle." Victoria turned to look Damon in the eyes, he could only see fear.

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